While Jess has been here for a whopping 7 hours and is slightly loathing me for my shorter layover ..... no not really .... but she is slightly delirious .... 

We're about to take off on our grand 2012 tour of SOUTH AMERICA! Starting in Lima, Peru - now some of you may be confused about the change of plans.... shhhhhh Jess says. Well apparently you now need something called a, um, VISA to get into Brazil these days. No, not the credit card. The thing that goes in your passport. Yeah. But good news! Peru trusts us more! So off we go to Lima, and we are perusing the good old Lonely Planet travel guide to Peru. Some real gems we are about to undertake.

I'll think we'll rent llamas tomorrow??? kidding but a real possibility!

We'll first explore Peru - Machu Picchu is only about 200 miles from Lima. We'll move North east to the Amazon when we cross the Brazilian border (with our visas and such) and then navigate our way back to the Chilean wineries via Bolivia. We'll end our trip in the party capitol of Brazil - a little fling in Rio. Stay tuned to our wondrous adventures!!!