business taxes

• Cut the state's business tax rate in half over the next six years, from 9.8 percent to 4.8 percent.

• $50 million in tax credits to spur business investments.

• Full sales-tax exemption for purchase of capital equipment by business.

• Create a "Green JOBZ" program offering tax incentives to promote jobs in renewable energy.


• Increase by up to 2 percent per-pupil funding for every student who meets performance goals.

• Expand Q Comp, a program tying teacher pay to performance.

• Allow binding arbitration for teacher contract negotiations.

higher education

• Cap tuition increases for state colleges and universities.


• Encourage the state's 87 counties to combine their human services operations in regional enterprises to achieve savings.


• Freeze the wages of all employees of state government and government entities that receive any amount of state funding for two years.