Q: Why are you changing eEdition?
A: In addition to providing a cleaner, updated design, the new version of eEdition offers a single, consistent platform for viewing on all browsers and devices – desktop computers, tablets, and handheld devices/smartphones. Also, because the new version of eEdition is a HTML5 solution, Adobe Flash is no longer required to be installed on your browser in order to view eEdition.

Q: Can I still view eEdition the way I always have?
A: Yes. The new version of eEdition offers multiple viewing modes – the traditional replica view, the scannable Digest view that many mobile readers prefer, and a new viewing mode, called Dynamic view.

Q: What is Dynamic view?
A: Dynamic view offers a rich image block of every story in the paper. The format is easily scannable and is cleanly organized to allow you to quickly choose the story you want to read.

Q: Can I save the font size I want to use to read eEdition?
A: Yes. Within an article page, click on A- or A+ to decrease or increase the font size. When you close your session and then return to eEdition, your article viewing size will display at your last setting.

Q: Why can’t I scroll vertically through the pages in Replica view?
A: Platform limitations prevent vertical scrolling at this time. We are working on a solution to allow vertical scrolling through the pages in Replica viewing mode. You can scroll vertically in the Digest viewing mode.

Q: Can I set a default for the viewing mode I want to use?
A: Yes. Click on the gear in the toolbar at the top of the page and set your viewing preference. The default is currently set to Replica viewing mode.

Q: What else is new?


• Click on the ‘Pages’ tab at the bottom of your screen to quickly access any page in the newspaper (available in Replica view only).

• Click the ‘Home’ button in the toolbar at the top of the screen to go directly to the first page of the paper (available in Replica view only).

• The label in the bottom left corner of the screen is a breadcrumb that shows the section you are currently reading. Hover on it to get a popup display of all sections in the paper (available in Replica view only – Digest and Dynamic have built-in section labels).

• For a useful guide to and interactive tour of the functions of eEdition, click on the ? in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Please contact us If you have any questions or feedback about Star Tribune eEdition.
(612) 673-7447