A little poking around on the Twins web site reveals that standing room tickets for the homestand starting tonight are available. A Twins ticket spokesperson said that type of ticket just became available online today; an item from Downtown Journal said the team has been selling the tickets since May 21 and quoted Kevin Smith from the organization thusly:

It’s just kind of in the incubator stage right now,” Smith said. “We’re trying to see if it’s something that would work over the long-term, if it would be something that we would utilize on select games only. It’s kind of game-by-game right now.

We are a little curious about the $22 price tag, since for about half that (and with a little season ticket foresight) a Twins fan could have nabbed a permanent place to sit during games.

That said, there must be a market for it with demand so high at Target Field. If anyone has a standing room only experience to share from the Twins' ballpark, we'd love to hear it. Just drop an e-mail.

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