The St. Paul man charged with killing a woman while committing rape was charged in an unrelated case with trying to burn down a garage.

Sammy D. Henderson, 24, allegedly poured gasoline on a friend’s garage in St. Paul, according to charges filed in Ramsey County District Court. He faces one count of first-degree attempted arson.

According to the complaint: Police were responding to an attempted robbery on May 18 when they saw Henderson, who matched the suspect’s description. Henderson said he was looking for a match.

One officer stayed with Henderson while a second officer spoke to the burglary victim. The victim said Henderson knocked on his door, asked for a lighter and began taking beer cans by the door.

Three people approached the officer with Henderson and said that someone poured gasoline on their garage.

While they spoke with the officer, who was outside, Henderson was recorded inside the squad saying, “They’re making me so pissed, so [expletive] pissed.”

The officer entered his squad car. Henderson smelled so strongly of gasoline he rolled down the windows. Henderson told the officer he bought gas for a friend, the charges said. Henderson also identified the three people as his friends.

One of the attempted arson victims told the officer that Henderson was living with him and they had been drinking that day. The two argued, and the friend kicked Henderson out, the complaint said.

Squad video allegedly captured Henderson saying, “You want to get in a fight with me, then I’ll burn your [expletive] down. I’ll (inaudible) your whole family on fire [expletive].”

Henderson was charged earlier this week with two counts of second-degree murder in the death of Sherell Montrese Craighead, 30. Henderson was at Craighead’s St. Paul home Aug. 31 and choked her to death while raping her, charges said. She was found dead Sept. 1.