A St. Paul couple stole mail from 84 addresses in order to cash checks in the homeowners’ names, according to charges filed this week in Ramsey County District Court.

Bee Vang, 26, and his wife, Danah Vang, 21, were each charged with one count of identity theft.

The couple were foiled on Valentine’s Day when they tried to cash a check at a Maplewood Wells Fargo Bank. The bank teller recognized the name on the check as a former high school teacher, according to charges.

According to the complaints: Bee Vang drove up to a drive-thru window at Wells Fargo. Danah Vang presented a prepaid Wells Fargo check for $600 from the account of a theft victim. The memo line read “buying a used car.”

Danah Vang tried to deposit $200 and receive $400 in cash. The teller saw that her account was flagged for possible fraudulent activity at another branch, and also recognized the name on the check as a former teacher.

The teller stalled the couple and asked them to enter the bank lobby, where they were eventually met by police. Bee Vang initially lied about his identity and said he didn’t know why the bank called police. He declined to speak after his arrest. Danah Vang also declined to make a statement, the charges show.

Their car was towed and later searched, recovering a garbage bag and box filled with other people’s mail.

Authorities later learned that on Feb. 14, Danah Vang deposited a check at a bank about 8 miles from the branch where the couple was busted.