The St. Paul school district has approved $26,250 in relocation expenses connected to Superintendent Valeria Silva's sale of her Woodbury home and move to St. Paul this fall.

Her move came at the request of board members, who wanted her to live in the city she has served as superintendent for two years.

Silva had worked in the district for 25 years before she was hired as superintendent in November 2009. At the time, board members agreed it wasn't a good economic time to put her Woodbury house on the market, but in August of this year, they offered her a $40,000 relocation package as an incentive to make the move.

In October, according to real estate listings, she sold her house in Woodbury for $365,000 and bought a home in St. Paul, the district said.

By living in the district, "all the matters that affect the district are also affecting her personally as well as professionally," Elona Street-Stewart, the board chairwoman, said at the time. "This is nothing unusual or unique to our district."

The relocation package raised some public protest because the district had laid off employees to counter a $25 million budget shortfall.

The amount of the package was determined with the help of local housing experts, who gave board members estimates on the price of moving and how long it could take for Silva to sell her house.

According to an itemized list of Silva's moving costs approved by district officials last week, she spent $4,176 in moving fees, $2,241 in financing fees and $19,831 in closing costs and Realtor fees.

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