Toronto Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard sprays his mother, Kim Robertson, with sparkling wine after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-1

Canada celebrates: Raptors win Game 6 thriller to take NBA title

Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors captured Canada's first major title in 26 years with their most remarkable road win yet in Toronto's NBA Finals debut.

Raptors' president encounter with deputy being investigated

Masai Ujiri
Prosecutors will decide whether to charge Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri with misdemeanor battery after he was accused of shoving and hitting a sheriff's deputy in the face while trying to join his team on the court to celebrate their first NBA championship.

Decimation of Warriors changes landscape of Western Conference

June 14
Decimation of Warriors changes landscape of Western Conference
With all of the uncertainty surrounding Golden State, the 2019-20 conference race is in a state that should have an impact of teams that are both contenders and rebuilding.
June 14

NBA Finals Game 6 recap

Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry came out strong and finished with 26 points on 9-for-16 shooting with 10 assists, seven rebounds and three steals. He also was a plus-16.
Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) after sinking a fourth quarter basket Thursday night. He finished the game with 46 points.
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June 14

Top NBA scorers in a single postseason

There's a new addition to the list after this year's NBA Finals:
June 11
The state athlete among world's 100 best paid? It's Andrew Wiggins

The state athlete among world's 100 best paid? It's Andrew Wiggins

Nothing will make you feel quite as poor as reading a Forbes list about the rich. In this case, we're talking about the 100 highest-paid athletes worldwide.
June 11
Plenty of suspects in Kevin Durant's injury, starting with Durant himself

Plenty of suspects in Kevin Durant's injury, starting with Durant himself

Golden State’s 106-105 victory over Toronto in Game 5 of the NBA Finals was a choose-your-own-narrative affair — much different than choose-your-own-adventure — from start to finish.
June 9
Improving Andrew Wiggins will be a double-edged coaching endeavor.

How much will new defensive assistant Vanterpol help Wolves, and Wiggins?

David Vanterpool is viewed as a defensive specialist, but he also has ties to Andrew Wiggins. How much improvement on both fronts might Vanterpool be able to achieve


  • Western Conference
    Northwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Denver 54 28 .659 0 34-7 20-21 5-5
    Portland 53 29 .646 1 32-9 21-20 8-2
    Utah 50 32 .610 4 29-12 21-20 8-2
    Oklahoma City 49 33 .598 5 27-14 22-19 7-3
    Minnesota 36 46 .439 18 25-16 11-30 4-6
  • Pacific w l pct gb home away last 10
    Golden State 57 25 .695 0 30-11 27-14 8-2
    LA Clippers 48 34 .585 9 26-15 22-19 6-4
    Sacramento 39 43 .476 18 24-17 15-26 3-7
    LA Lakers 37 45 .451 20 22-19 15-26 6-4
    Phoenix 19 63 .232 38 12-29 7-34 2-8
  • Southwest w l pct gb home away last 10
    Houston 53 29 .646 0 31-10 22-19 8-2
    San Antonio 48 34 .585 5 32-9 16-25 6-4
    Dallas 33 49 .402 20 24-17 9-32 5-5
    Memphis 33 49 .402 20 21-20 12-29 4-6
    New Orleans 33 49 .402 20 19-22 14-27 3-7
  • Eastern Conference
    Central w l pct gb home away last 10
    Milwaukee 60 22 .732 0 33-8 27-14 7-3
    Indiana 48 34 .585 12 29-12 19-22 4-6
    Detroit 41 41 .500 19 26-15 15-26 4-6
    Chicago 22 60 .268 38 9-32 13-28 2-8
    Cleveland 19 63 .232 41 13-28 6-35 0-10
  • Atlantic w l pct gb home away last 10
    Toronto 58 24 .707 0 32-9 26-15 7-3
    Philadelphia 51 31 .622 7 31-10 20-21 4-6
    Boston 49 33 .598 9 28-13 21-20 6-4
    Brooklyn 42 40 .512 16 23-18 19-22 6-4
    New York 17 65 .207 41 9-32 8-33 3-7
  • Southeast w l pct gb home away last 10
    Orlando 42 40 .512 0 25-16 17-24 8-2
    Charlotte 39 43 .476 3 25-16 14-27 6-4
    Miami 39 43 .476 3 19-22 20-21 4-6
    Washington 32 50 .390 10 22-19 10-31 2-8
    Atlanta 29 53 .354 13 17-24 12-29 5-5
  • Points
    K. Towns MIN 1880
    A. Wiggins MIN 1321
    D. Rose MIN 917
    D. Saric MIN 858
    T. Gibson MIN 753
  • Rebounds
    K. Towns MIN 954
    T. Gibson MIN 458
    D. Saric MIN 457
    A. Wiggins MIN 352
    G. Dieng MIN 311
  • Assists
    J. Teague MIN 343
    T. Jones MIN 327
    K. Towns MIN 259
    D. Rose MIN 220
    A. Wiggins MIN 184
  • Field Goal Percentage
    T. Gibson MIN .566
    K. Towns MIN .518
    G. Dieng MIN .501
    M. Creek MIN .500
    L. Deng MIN .500
  • Blocked Shots
    K. Towns MIN 125
    A. Wiggins MIN 48
    R. Covington MIN 47
    G. Dieng MIN 41
    T. Gibson MIN 39
  • Steals
    J. Okogie MIN 88
    T. Jones MIN 81
    R. Covington MIN 74
    A. Wiggins MIN 70
    K. Towns MIN 67
  • Points
    J. Harden HOU 2818
    P. George OKC 2159
    K. Walker CHA 2102
    B. Beal WAS 2099
    D. Lillard POR 2067
  • Rebounds
    A. Drummond DET 1232
    R. Gobert UTA 1041
    N. Vucevic ORL 960
    K. Towns MIN 954
    D. Jordan NY 902
  • Assists
    R. Westbrook OKC 784
    T. Young ATL 653
    B. Simmons PHI 610
    D. Fox SAC 590
    J. Harden HOU 586
  • Field Goal Percentage
    R. Gobert UTA .669
    C. Capela HOU .648
    J. McGee LAL .624
    T. Bryant WAS .616
    M. Harrell LAC .615
  • Blocked Shots
    M. Turner IND 199
    R. Gobert UTA 187
    B. Lopez MIL 179
    M. Robinson NY 161
    J. McGee LAL 148
  • Steals
    P. George OKC 170
    J. Harden HOU 158
    M. Smart BOS 143
    R. Westbrook OKC 142
    A. Drummond DET 136
  • Thursday, June 13
    Toronto 114, Golden State 110, F
  • Friday, June 14
  • Today, June 15
  • Sunday, June 16
  • Monday, June 17
  • Tuesday, June 18
  • Wednesday, June 19
  • Thursday, June 20
June 8

Wolves add another assistant coach: Pablo Prigioni

A source said Pablo Prigioni will be the "offensive coordinator" that President Gersson Rosas outlined last month when discussing the staff he would like to have under Ryan Saunders.
June 7
Maybe Quinn Cook was asking Kevin Durant how that calf is doing. Or where he’ll play next season. So many questions to deal with during these NBA Fi

NBA Finals are offering so much more than good basketball

The NBA has graced fans with a multitude of subplots that make these finals — the first since 2010 without LeBron James — somehow just as interesting as any in recent memory.
June 6
David Vanterpool, right, confers with Portland guard Damian Lillard during a break in the action in the second half of Game 2 of the team's NBA basket

Source: Wolves hiring Portland assistant Vanterpool as associate head coach

Wolves President Gersson Rosas and head coach Ryan Saunders have found Saunders' de facto defensive coordinator, and they also may have found someone who will help in the development of Andrew Wiggins.
June 5
Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul sits on the court following a play during the second half in Game 6 of the team's second-round NBA basketball playoff

Could trouble in Houston mean opportunities for the Timberwolves?

As much as new Wolves president Gersson Rosas has insisted he will not turn the Wolves into “Houston North," recent developments with the Rockets suggest major change is ahead for that franchise.
June 5
Rose's new book sheds light on Butler's behavior, Wolves' woes

Rose's new book sheds light on Butler's behavior, Wolves' woes

It is said that history is written by the victors. In the case of the 2018-19 Timberwolves, Derrick Rose might be as close to a victor as possible.
June 4
The Minnesota Timberwolves Taj Gibson (67) sets a pick against the San Antonio Spurs' Derrick White (4) for teammate Jeff Teague (0) during the first

Five ways the Wolves can improve from within next season

While fans and others are expecting big moves from the Wolves revamped front office and new coach Ryan Saunders, here are some keys to improving the team with its exiting talent.
June 4
Get ready for a very unpredictable NBA Draft in two weeks

Get ready for a very unpredictable NBA Draft in two weeks

If you are a Wolves fan, you should be prepared for just about anything — a trade up, a trade down, a trade for a player or standing pat. Why are things so unsettled?
May 31
Could Wolves be in a spot to draft the next Siakam?

Could Wolves be in a spot to draft the next Siakam?

Pascal Siakam, who scored 32 points in Thursday's NBA Finals opener, is a great example of incremental progress and the high upside that can come from drafting a late bloomer.
May 30
Coming back would have helped U, but not Coffey's pro prospects

Coming back would have helped U, but not Coffey's pro prospects

Amir Coffey would have helped the Gophers had he returned for his senior year, and his presence might have elevated a good team into something special. So what's the argument for turning pro?
May 30
Gophers guard Amir Coffey challenged Arkansas in a game last December at Williams Arena. Coffey, a junior, decided to leave the Gophers early to turn

Coffey makes it official: He's leaving Gophers to go pro

Following a spring of testing the waters with NBA team workouts, the 6-foot-8 former Hopkins standout received enough positive feedback to bypass his senior year with the Gophers.
May 29
Sashin Gupta

Wolves closing deal to hire new basketball vice president

Sachin Gupta, a Pistons assistant GM who formerly worked with Gersson Rosas, is set to join Wolves as executive vice president for basketball operations.
May 26
Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns (32) hit a basket over Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons (25) in the second half.

Towns misses out on All-NBA selection, $32 million in raises

Karl-Anthony Towns could not crack the All-NBA team this season, and that will have ramifications for the extension Towns signed in September and for the Wolves' salary cap.
May 23
Newly named Timberwolves coach Ryan Saunders took questions from the media following Tuesday's news conference.

Hartman: Wolves owner Taylor a big booster for hiring Saunders as coach

Ryan Saunders' popularity with Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor and players helped get him the full-time coaching job, but now he'll have to produce.
May 23
Ed Pinckney is among the assistant coaches and staff members let go by the Wolves.,

Wolves sever ties with three assistant coaches, others on staff

Multiple assistants and staff members who were on expiring contracts won't be coming back to the Wolves.
May 23
Ryan Saunders smiled as her arrived at Tuesday's press conference.

Listen: What can we expect from the Ryan Saunders coaching era?

Chris Hine and Michael Rand dissect the hiring of Ryan Saunders as permanent head coach of the Timberwolves. Can the Wolves really play the style he and Gersson Rosas favor? How important is it that players are already working out together this offseason?

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