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Teddy Bridgewater says he expects to play Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium

Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater said Wednesday he expects to play in Sunday’s preseason opener at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Bridgewater returned on a limited basis Tuesday during practice, taking part in short-yardage and red zone situations while stepping aside when quarterbacks lined up at the 35-yard line for deep passes in individual drills. He was a last-minute scratch of last week’s preseason game in Seattle, reportedly dealing with a sore shoulder.

“I didn’t see any limitations yesterday,” offensive coordinator Norv Turner said. “He threw all the passes that we need him to throw and, like I said, was extremely accurate.”

Bridgewater said “of course” he expects to play against the San Diego Chargers in the Vikings’ third exhibition, which traditionally marks the final preseason work for starters. Though how long he’ll play has not been declared, according to Turner.

“Coach [Mike Zimmer] hasn’t decided that yet,” Turner said. “We’re getting him ready to practice to prepare for the game.”

On Tuesday, Zimmer declined to say whether or not Adrian Peterson would play Sunday and end his five-year run of not taking a preseason carry. Though Zimmer has made clear that if Peterson plays, he’ll see a decent amount of work with his fellow starters.

Zimmer briefly interjected into Turner’s press conference to ask, tongue in cheek: “Hey, is Adrian playing this week? Is there a competitive advantage?”

Multiple questions to Bridgewater about his shoulder were deferred to Zimmer, including whether or not the issue arose before last week’s trip to Seattle, if he has any physical limitations as well as what the discussions are like between he and Zimmer regarding his health. The Vikings head coach has repeatedly declined to answer questions about Bridgewater’s health.

Bridgewater did say he feels “very good,” and that, if he plays Sunday, two exhibition outings is a fair amount of work to go along with the rest of his preseason.

“Honestly, when you factor in all the meetings, all the practices and then the joint practices with Cincinnati and the preseason games, I’ve been able to get some good things done,” Bridgewater said.

Norv Turner sees 31-year-old Peterson stiff-arming Father Time

In nine NFL seasons, Adrian Peterson has played all 16 regular-season games four times. He did it in 2008 with a career-high 363 carries, as well as 2009 (314), 2012 (348) and last season (327) at age 30.

So what can we assume, carries-wise, if the now-31-year-old freak of human injury and aging stays healthy enough to play all 16 games this season?

First, I asked offensive coordinator Norv Turner Tuesday if he has seen anything indications of Peterson’s advanced NFL age.

“From this camp, I have not seen anything,” Turner said. “He’s got burst. He’s got such a quick start and we know he’s powerful in breaking tackles and running through. He finishes runs out here. We’ve all seen him take off and run the length of the field.”

When Peterson has played all 16 games, he has averaged 21.1 carries per game.  His career average is 19.8 per game. Other great backs in NFL history have broken down sooner under a similar workload. The great Earl Campbell, who averaged 19 carries per game, lasted only eight seasons and was a shell of his prime self by his seventh season.

But Peterson dodges most, if not all, comparisons. For example, he takes much better care of his body than Campbell did. The fields of medicine and athletic trainers also are much more advanced than they were back in the ’70s and ’80s.

I asked Turner if he’ll have to make any concessions based on Peterson’s age that he didn’t have to make a year ago during Turner’s only full season of coaching Peterson. It doesn’t sound like that will be the case.

Sure, Turner said he wants to get more work for running backs Jerick McKinnon and Matt Asiata. But that’s mostly because Turner expects the offense to increase its first down total and therefore have more plays to run.

“I haven’t seen [any indications of Peterson being 31],” Turner said. “Obviously, it’s training camp. But he keeps such good care of himself. And we did a good job last year of taking care of him through the season. He doesn’t look like he’s slowing down to me.”