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Souhan blog: Vikings running backs are surging

Atlanta - 

On Sunday, Adrian Peterson rushed 29 times for 158 yards and two touchdowns.

Jerick McKinnon was even more efficient, carrying five times for 33 yards.

Matt Asiata carried once for three yards.

That's 35 carries for 194 yards and two scores, against what was at the time the top-ranked run defense in the NFL. The trio also caught five passes for 46 yards.

Most impressive, those statistics indicate what the eyes tell us. Eleven games into the season, the Vikings' backs are running as hard as they have all season.

Peterson has been breaking long runs all year. Where he has improved is in powerfully finishing the average run. Whereas early in the season he was willing to risk losing two yards in an attempt to make a big play, now he's pressing the hole harder, driving more, finishing runs with more force.

As a rookie, McKinnon at times looked tentative or cautious. He looks even better than Peterson when running out of shotgun formations, using his quickness to hti the hole immediately. He's also finishing with emphasis.

And Asiata has always run hard.

Peterson is averaging 4.9 yards per carry, McKinnon 4.6 and Asiata 4.2.

While it always seems strange to see Peterson on the sideline with the game in doubt, I think the Vikings' coaches have done well in getting him plenty of work without wearing him out. His freshness is evidenced by the way he ran on Sunday.

Peterson is their best back in traditional sets. McKinnon is their best back running out of the shotgun. Asiata is their best pass-blocking back and most sure-handed pass-catcher out of the backfield.

This is an ideal threesome.


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Souhan blog: Vikings-Falcons instant reaction

Atlanta - 

Sometimes, like on Sunday, the Vikings seem to win merely by physically battering the opponent into submission.

Once again on Sunday, the Vikings' passing game was cautious and rudimentary, and once again that didn't matter much as they beat Atlanta, 20-10, to take a full-game lead in the NFC North.

This team is probably going to the playoffs. The question is whether their passing game will be ready for playoff football.

Teddy Bridgewater continues to by cautious. Just like in the days of Christian Ponder, the Vikings rely on Adrian Peterson for their biggest plays. That has gotten the Vikings to 8-3. Can that formula work against good teams? Well, appearances aside, the Falcons were 6-4 before Sunday.

But the Falcons have lost four in a row and quarterback Matt Ryan is not throwing with any authority.

By playing a safety deep on Julio Jones' side of the field, the Vikings took away the Falcons' best chance to make big plays. After a few early bursts by Tevin Coleman - one of which was ruined by Anthony Barr punching the ball out for a fumble - the Vikings defense rarely looked challenged.


This is a quick postgame blog. My game column will be up later at and in the Monday paper.



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