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Quick fixes for Minnesota teams? Souhan has medicine for each

Recommendations of the day for the BIg Four:

-Wolves: Hire Tom Thibodeau. My information is he wants the job. Hire him first then let him help select a GM, so he's working with someone he likes or trusts. You'd have one of the best coaches in the NBA, improve immediately on defense and be in the playoffs in no time.  Thibodeau still has friends in the Wolves' organization and is highly thought of as a human as well as a coach. The only caveat: Glen Taylor would have to insist Thibs bring in a modern thinking offensive assistant.

-Twins: Get goofy. Unlike most sports, baseball isn't about trying harder, it's about relaxing and letting talent work. Paul Molitor should call the players in this afternoon and pick the lineup out of a hat. Right now every player is feeling pressure to make something happen. Doing something goofy might remind the young players that this is a game.

-Vikings: Draft Doctson. He's not a sure-thing star but he's a great value at No. 23. Either he'll develop into a No. 1 receiver or he'll be a nice complement to Diggs. His primary skill is adjusting to the ball in the air and winning jump balls and that's what Bridgewater needs right now - a go-to guy who gives him confidence on deep throws.

-Wild: Dump the puck. The Wild isn't skilled enough right now to beat the Stars' trap, or even get through the Stars' forwards without turning over the puck. This version of the Wild needs to rely on the forecheck and putting shots on net. It probably won't work but it's better than what we saw Thursday night.

-Tonight at the Turf Club my band, The Bar Chords, is opening for Chris Hawkey at The Turf Club. Doors at 8, music at 9. Chris is a great singer. We'll have fun. Stop by if you can.

-The next Russo-Souhan Show is 4 p.m. Monday at Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub. We'll also do a show 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Next Wednesday at noon we'll do the Roy Smalley's Chin Music Show at Hell's Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis, and keep doing it ever Wedensday during the season.

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Souhan: Checking in on the local pro teams

Lotta news in town. Here we go:


Sam Mitchell can make the case that the team and the key players improved under him. There are reasons why Glen Taylor was right to look for a new coach. They are:

-Sam wouldn't have gotten the job had Flip Saunders stayed healthy, so he had to win the tryout by knockout. He didn't. There were stretches of games and individual games where the Wolves didn't play hard or play defense, and Mitchell was also going to have to win the work-ethic battle to have a chance to keep the job.

-Mitchell's resume doesn't match some of the other candidates'. Tom Thibodeau might be one of the five best coaches in the NBA. Scott Brooks is a winning personality who has coached high-level talent and loved in the Wolves' organization. Jeff Van Gundy is an excellent coach. Luke Walton could bring the Warriors' ideas and offense.

-The Wolves try hard to be liked by their fans and downtown businesses. Mitchell was not a friendly face, in general, and when he publicly called out the team's training staff during the season he may have ended his chances at getting the job.


The signing of David Murphy means the Twins are not going to continue to be patient with their young outfielders. Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano are on notice. One of them could be going to the minors. All three are in the lineup today.


The Wild had natural advantages in their first-round playoff series victories the last two years. Colorado was terrible defensively, and the Blues didn't seem too interested in winning for Ken Hitchcock. The Wild has no obvious advantages entering this series against Dallas. To win, they'll need young players to score and Devan Dubnyk to play like he did during the stretch run last year.

The bigger concern is Zach Parise's back. Regardless of what happens during these playoffs, the Wild can't have him injured or unproductive next year or going forward on his contract. Even with him at his best they were unable to win a second round in the playoffs.


The team signed Jared Allen to a one-day contract so he can retire a Viking. These kinds of deals do nothing for me but I've already heard from fans who are thrilled.

I will say the Vikings have worked hard to maintain and improve relations with former players, and this will help them keep Allen a phone call away. Allen is proof that being cautious and building through the draft, while usually the best philosophy, can be discarded when the right deal comes along. The Vikings almost won a Super Bowl because they brought in Allen and Brett Favre.


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