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How about that Joe Nathan? (with video)

Posted by: Vince Tuss under NFC, Super Bowl Updated: September 12, 2012 - 12:28 AM

Former Twin and current Texas Rangers closer Joe Nathan had another hard-luck turn as he paid off a bet on the NFL opener by taking the field Tuesday dressed as Dallas quarterback Tony Romo.

Nathan, a Giants fan, wagered on the game with teammate Mike Adams on the results of last Wednesday's NFL opener, a 24-17 Dallas victory over the defending Super Bowl champs. And, thrown in at the last minute, Nathan suggested a five-minute autograph session that left plenty of time to be caught on camera. Here is more video, from the Fort Worth Star Telegram. And here is a photo gallery from Fox Sports Southwest.

And how did that feel? "It felt just like I thought it would, absolutely terrible," Nathan said.

The bet grew out of a spring-training conversation, according to Adams. "When I first met him the first thing he told me was I saw that crappy helmet in your locker and I'm a Giants fans and we should have some good bets going on."

Nathan, who went to the State University of New York at Stony Brook, might not have learned his lesson as the two are talking about a new bet when the NFC East foes play again Oct. 28.



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