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Continued: West Q&A: Erin Briggs, Orono

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Q: Describe what it’s like to be a rower

A: Every aspect of your body is working at fullest capacity. It’s very taxing. I feel super tired after every regatta.


Q: You must be in great shape.

A: I’ve been an athlete my entire life and in the summer I do road biking with my dad, but I’ve never felt as strong and fast and fit as I did at the end of rowing season last August.


Q: Those rowing sculs look tiny. Do they ever make you nervous?

A: When you’re new at it, they are so hard to balance! I fell out so many times. You get used to it, but one bad move and you can flip out of that thing quickly.


Q: You’re a captain in three other sports. What is it about you that makes you captain material?

A: I was the new kid at this school [Briggs transferred to Orono before tenth-grade]. I know what it’s like to look up to other people and how important it is to reach out to them. I remember what it was like when I needed help.


Q: Do you have a favorite sport?

A: It’s hard to choose. I’ve grown to like endurance sports recently, but I really like the feeling of team sports. I guess I would have to say rowing. It’s the best of both worlds.


Q: Do you ever think how differently your life would be right now if you hadn’t joined the rowing club?

A: I do. It’s amazing how quickly my life turned upside down, even in just a year.

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