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A top professional angler, Ted won the 1995 PWT Top Gun Angler Award and the prestigious PWT Classic Championship in 1998. In 2002, he smashed the all time, one day PWT tournament record with a limit of 5 walleyes that weighed 53.2 pounds. He's a leading walleye expert.

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Tough Day

Posted by: Ted Takasaki Updated: June 14, 2009 - 10:50 AM
Day three of the FLW tournament out of Leech Lake was disappointing as I was unable to catch an "over" 26 incher in order to make it into the day four top ten anglers.  I did catch a five fish limit of "unders", between 14 and 18 inches and ended up in 13th place.  This was good enough to keep my first place Angler of the Year standing which is great!

Tournament fishing is fun when things go well... not a whole lot of fun when they don't.  It's usually a long drive home when you do not have a good last day of fishing.  It's also quite exhausting as you are fishing from 7am to 6pm during practice with late nights of preparation and up earlier during the tournament itself.  It takes me a couple of days to recuperate after a weeklong tournament.

This was a fun tournament, though, as we caught a bunch of fish of all sizes and in many different spots.  My top three tactics were pulling spinners/crawlers on bottom bouncers, Lindy Rigging with large chubs, and jigging with X-Change jigs and a minnow.

Leech Lake FLW tournament

Posted by: Ted Takasaki Updated: June 11, 2009 - 10:14 PM
This has been one tremendous week of walleye fishing on Leech Lake.  This lake is producing some spectacular walleye fishing with fish of all sizes.  The protected slot limit is over 18 inches and under 26, but the numbers and size are really a bunch of fun! 

With the first two days of the tournament over, I am sitting in 7th place.  I'm happy about that given all of the fish I have had to release.  They are a lot of fun to catch, but frustrating for a tournament where we need to find the perfect length fish.

I've been primarily pulling spinners/crawlers and bottom bouncer for the "under" fish and working deeper fish with Lindy Rigs/NO-SNAGG sinkers.  All fish seem to be on the top edge or right at the base of the breakline.

I'm pretty tired now as it is late at night and i've finally gotten all of my tackle/boat preparation done for the day.  The work never seems to end.

Walleye heaven

Posted by: Ted Takasaki Updated: June 1, 2009 - 7:07 AM
Though not quite as quick as last year, the walleyes on Red Lake are biting and the keepers are plentiful.  I spend most of last week on Upper Red lake at West Wind resort.  What a great place to go and to have kids experience the fun of catching walleye after walleye.

The water levels are up a foot or two and it is important to adjust your depth from previous years.  I found the fish on the breakline at 6.5 to 7.5 feet of water.  I was dragging 1/4 oz. Lindy X Change jigs tipped with a minnow/fathead along the breakline at about .8 mph.  Occasionally lifting and dropping the jig.  The fish would hit on the drop. 

Midwest Outdoors was up filming television segments and we had a blast!  Hope you do as well!

Francis Case Eyes

Posted by: Ted Takasaki Updated: May 19, 2009 - 11:49 AM
Just got back from a fantastic weekend of walleye fishing on Francis Case Reservoir in South Dakota out of Chamberlain!  I found most of the fish to be in shallow from 7 feet of water in towards the shoreline.  Bottom bouncers and plain Lindy Rig snells tipped with a minnow was one of the tactics along with pitching 1/8 X-Change jigs tipped with a minnow to the rocks on the shoreline.  Carpenter's bluffs south of town were pretty consistent along with the shallow willows/flats across from Carpenters.  Nothing huge (limits of 15 to 18 inch walleyes and saugers) along with a bunch of smaller eyes/saugers, but tons of fun. 

The scenery on this reservoir is just plain breath taking.  Rolling hills and high bluffs are the norm.  Excellent food and launch sites are easy to find in Chamberlain.  For motel accomodations, make sure you check out the Oasis Inn.

Tournament win!

Posted by: Ted Takasaki Updated: May 11, 2009 - 8:29 AM

The monkey is finally off my back and i've gotten back into the winner's circle!  I just won the FLW Walleye Tour event on the Mississippi River out of Red Wing, MN this past weekend.  Even though it hasn't fully sunken in yet, it is a feeling that money cannot buy.  To beat so many good anglers is truly gratifying.

I can only credit having a good game plan (trolling leadcore for good saugers and rigging for big walleyes), precise boat control (I've cashed a check in every tournament that I've had my new Lund fiberglass boat), and being a versatile angler (trolling and rigging) to the success.

I found some nice saugers while trolling Wally Divers and Shad Raps with Leadcore line along 20 foot edges near points in Lake Pepin. I also caught several of my bigger fish right on the tips of the points with bottom bouncers and Lindy Rigs with a half crawler in 30 feet of water.

Very exciting!  I appreciate everyone putting up with my forgetfulness while preparing for this tournament.  I'm pumped! 


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