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Rich Lindgren's love for bass fishing is a balance between passion and obsession. He has been an angler all his life and has been tournament fishing for more then 15 years. He has eyes on qualifying for the Bassmasters Classic and wants to help others catch more bass.

2011 Bass Tournament Season Under Way

Posted by: Rich Lindgren under Fishing, Bass Updated: May 24, 2011 - 7:27 PM

My first tourney of the season was this past Saturday; with the super high water this spring and all the travel I have been doing, there wasn't much time for practice.  I did get out for about 3 hours the Wednesday evening prior, but all that was accomplished was looking at new water that wasn't productive, checking water levels and falling out of boat reaching for trolling motor right before heading home and losing my favorite sandals in the mucky bottom of a backwater.  But watch for a blog post on how to dry a cell phone out in the near future.

That being said, I and my partner had a game plan for tournament day, we were dedicating our entire day to two backwater areas targeting primarily largemouth.  We started on a rip rap bank where I caught a nice 15.5" smallmouth on an Ima Shaker crankbait in Bluegil color and 2 more keepers on a black tube.  Shortly after, Steve caught a small largemouth keeper on a white swim jig.

We then spent the rest of the day in a larger backwater area largely flipping tubes, jigs & beavers to shallow wooden cover on rocky banks.  My primary baits came down to a 3/8oz Tungsten jig and a black 4" tube on a 3/16oz weight fished on 17-20lb fluorocarbon on heavy action Dobyns Rods.

All in all i caught about 12 keepers throughout the day, because its catch and release, we did a paper tourney, my best 5 fish measured/weighed 15.44lbs (18", 17.5", 17.25", 16.5" 16").  My partner got 4 keepers and had his 5th fish on several times.  I also lost one kicker fish, stupid mistake rushing her and trying to swing her in, she hit on the edge of the gunnel and flopped the wrong way.

18" = 3.64lbs Bass shown above

In the end, I ended up 4th out of 26 anglers, very solid, but I always want to win and stings when you drop a difference maker fish on a dumb decision.  I feel that most of these fish were trying to spawn as the water was around 63-64 degrees and were a few days past the full moon.  So fishing slow and deliberate around key areas seem to be the ticket.

Also of note, my Akinetix Moisture wicking Polo and under shirt were a perfect combo for this rainy day, it dried in just a few moments, so no matter if your rain suit fails or you get caught without it, you fish comfortably!

But no time to worry about spilled milk, had to get home get the batteries charged and ready for tournament #2 on Sunday out of Red Wing and haven't been there in a year.....

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Dobyns Rods - When Bass Fishing is more than just a Hobby! 

Get Flat for Spring Time Bass

Posted by: Rich Lindgren under Fishing, Bass Updated: May 15, 2011 - 3:14 PM

Been doing a bit of river fishing lately.  One thing has become apparent in this low to mid 50 degree water; the IMA Shaker with it's flat sides and more subtle action is out producing the new highly touted IMA Square Bill designed by Elite Series Bass Pro Bill Lowen.

Pictured above is the nicest bass I caught the other day, but put a bunch in the boat on an IMA Shaker thrown on 12lb Fluoro on my brand new Dobyns 684 CB Crankbait Rod, pretty sweet rod for jerkbaits and light wooden baits like the Shaker, Rapala Shad Raps and several other baits.

Both great baits, but this time of year, its hard to beat the profile and action of the Shaker, so my advice, while the traditional Square Bills are getting all the headlines right now, if you live up north, stick with the Shaker for a few more weeks.  Then when water hits 60 degrees and up, pick that Square Bill up and do work!

As you can see, they were eating the SHAKER! 

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Northwest SportShow through a Bass Angler's Eyes!

Posted by: Rich Lindgren under Recreation, Fishing, Bass Updated: March 30, 2011 - 10:55 PM

Made it down to the Minneapolis Convention Center to take in first day of the best Sport Show in Minnesota.  This is kind of the official start of spring for most of us anglers, we should have ice out just around the corner, so this is the last show to get some last minute tackle or get that boat ordered so it gets here for opener!

Here are a few highlights that I found on my first walk through:

Nice Selection of Dobyns Rods at this booth, only a few store like Capra's carry them in Minnesota, so here is your chance to feel what every body is raving about on the forums

Or better yet, check them out at Capra's booth & buy one, they have a show special, you can save 20%!!!

The Legend Boat Alpha is worth a stop to check it out, very nice boat and when you are done checking it out, enter to win the free drawing for a Lowrance HDS5 at the very same Simply Fishing Extreme Marine booth!

Seems to be some Steam around the new HAVOC baits, saw them at Capra's, Joe's & Reeds, sure a few others have them too!  I think you get a free hat with purchase of 4 bags, which will cost you about $12

These 2 Phoenix bass boats are probably the biggest surprise to me this year, I've known about the brand, but had no idea anybody carried them up here, turns out Southside Marine out of  Waseca, MN just started as a dealer for 2011.  These boats are pretty cool, worth crawling around in.  I got more pics showing storage of this boat and other stuff at show here on my Facebook page, check it out!

I will be headed back on Saturday, so expect another update on Saturday evening, plus you can watch my Facebook Fan Page & Twitter feed for updates from the floor as I walk around.

Last tip, FREE BEER samples at the Northern Beer booth, don't ever say I don't bring value, LOL.

Leave comments if there are things you want to see or saw at the show I should check out,


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My 2010 MN Federation Nation TOC on Lake Minnetonka Summary

Posted by: Rich Lindgren under Fishing, Bass, Minnetonka Updated: September 15, 2010 - 8:17 PM

Overall, I had a pretty productive pre-practice and official practice, but there were days that I struggled and days that I really got good bites.  With that being said, I could see scenarios in my mind where I bust big bags both days and where I struggle to put together a decent limit.  Below are a few pictures of some good fish from official practice.

Got an early fish on Chart / Blue IMA Rock N vibe lipless crankbait

I tried to pull on this 19.25" doozer on Sunday, but would not let go of my Football Jig & Burton Craw

  My day 1 boat draw was boat 30 and I headed to a 10-12 foot rock spot that I got some really nice bites on back to back casts in practice on Sunday.  After a few casts, I hooked up on a nearly 3lb fish, but that fish jumped off about a boat length away.  I then switched over to a 3/4oz Picasso Fantasy Football jig tipped with a Green Pumpkin Copper Flake Burton Craw.  I boated a 3lb plus fish and another solid keeper pretty quick. My partner got a nice keeper on a drop shot.  I got a few more bites on that, but they just weren't eating it.  I then deadsticked a 4" Baby Ring fry on a mojo ring while I tied up a 1/2oz football jig .  That small bait sitting dead still on the bottom was too much for a big ol' pig to resist and my partner helped me net what I thought was a nice solid 4.5lb plus beauty.  I then put one more nice keeper in the boat on the mojo rig and decided to leave and conserve these fish for day 2.  I ran a handful more deep spots, but got no more fish or bites.  From there i dashed to some wind swept docks and put a nice 2.5lb fish in the boat on a Tru-Tungsten jig , that filled my limit.  Feeling pretty good with my bag, I decided to make the long idle back into some of the darker water to fish more boat docks.  During this long idle, I made a

status update from my Blackberry Twitter App

.  Long story short, we fished a bunch of shallow cover in the darker water, after catching lots of really small fish and my partner filling his limit, I finally got a couple good bites to give me two solid culls flipping a Beaver bait on a 1/2oz Tru-Tungsten flipping weight and MiHatchii 4/0 hook .  We then decided to roll the dice and tried for some bigger fish in Maxwell and North Arm, that gamble did not pay off.  I ended up the day in 1st place with 17.51lbs and 3rd biggest fish which ended up tipping the scales at 5.84lbs.

Fish on left was 5.84lbs, anchoring the 17.51lb bag

Overall my day 1, went pretty darn well and obviously pleased with my position after day 1, I tied up my lures at Lord Fletchers before I left, got home, ate some dinner, spent some time with family and fell asleep watching Vikes game againts Saints, mainly because i was up until after midnight the night before prepping tackle.

Day 2, i was boat 54, another boat in my flight started right next to me, I quickly caught a 2lb fish on that same football jig combo,but that was the only fish that spot coughed up and I spent a long time there with a bunch of different lures, trying to trigger some strikes.  I then went to the wind swept docks of day 1, worked them harder and longer with beaver and TT jigs until I got my 5th fish.  It was nice to have 5 fish, but in my mind these fish were only half the weight of day 1 and I in no way felt comfortable with that weight on Minnetonka.  My partner on day 2, picked up 2 keepers on that stretch of docks as well.  We bounced around trying a handful of things in that area, even revisiting the starting spot, still no go there.  Well, I felt it was time to head to that dirty water again, I also updated my struggles on


in the channel on day 2.  Right when I started flipping my beaver combo into some dirty milfoil, I got a nice 2lb fish, that got rid of my smallest keeper.  I was thinking things may really go, but that was my only upgrade in the dirty water.  With about 2 hours ago, I ran to the east side of the lake, fishing Wayzata, St. Albans and around big island and never got bite.  As I idled into Fletchers from Crystal, I was feeling pretty bummed, as I was sure in my head that my weight was way too small to keep me in the top 12 and that I had a repeat disaster of last year's TOC.

Turns out my fish, actually weighed 10.26lbs, not the 8-9lbs I had in my head, which at the time actually put me in 1st place with more then half the field weighed in.  I was actually shocked, that the field had struggled this much.  Not long after this, the Tournament Director flagged me down and asked me to take a walk with him.  I started to get an erie feeling, as this is not usually good news, well it was not, he informed me I was DQ'd for "non-emergency use of a communication device" for my Tweets that broadcasted to Facebook and were relayed to TD by a non-competitor Federation member.  Super sick feeling as I had to inform all my fellow anglers of the news as they all came up to me with smiles to congratulate my efforts.  Towards the end of the weigh-in, Nate Steinbauer of Baxter Bass Snatchers came in with a 17lb plus bag to match his first day catch and blow everybody's doors off.  It was good to see somebody caught them like I figured every body would have on day 2.  I hung around, chatted and watch all the top 12 anglers and teams get their awards before I left.  It was also tough to watch the teams get their awards, as my club Gopher would have won the team title going away if it were not for my indiscretions.

In the end, tough lesson learned, but above is the X's & O's of my TOC, I may follow this up with a little more on the "Tweets" and the ruling, but we will keep that separate for now.  Besides, that would have been my 3rd runner up at the TOC, I don't want to become the Aaron Martens of the

Minnesota Bass Federation

do I????

There is plenty of chatter on the internet about "TweetGate" if you want to find it already.

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In case you need motivation for Bass Opener...

Posted by: Rich Lindgren under Fishing, Bass, YouTube Updated: May 27, 2010 - 9:40 AM

With the excitement of the bass opener so closer I can taste, I thought it would be fun to look back at the Bass Closer.  What is the bass closer?  Remember, the season closes before it can open, yep, I went bass fishing the last weekend of February and it was amazing, check out this video.  I think you will find it entertaining, there is definitely some humor in this one!


Maybe you will think about the  Bass Closer in a different light now....

Look for fresh blogs and videos coming up as bass fishing will really heat up in the coming weeks!

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