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Rich Lindgren's love for bass fishing is a balance between passion and obsession. He has been an angler all his life and has been tournament fishing for more then 15 years. He has eyes on qualifying for the Bassmasters Classic and wants to help others catch more bass.

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Chisago Area Lakes Bass Fishing Report

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: June 18, 2009 - 8:20 PM

This past weekend I fished a couple small club tournaments on Big&Little Green Saturday, and then Sunday fished Chisago and Lindstrom Chain.  There were only a couple patterns that really produced consistently.


Shallow rocks in about 6-8 ft of water fished with soft plastics and jigs


Inside turns on weed edges in 10-12 feet of water with mostly black/blue jigs and some soft plastics.


Lastly fishing holes and pockets in shallow weeds where bass were anxiously waiting for many offerings including jigs and soft plastics.  Some of these fish were spawning, some guarding fry, others preying off of spawning bluegill beds.  Some of these fish are starting to gravitate docks as well.


It’s quite clear; fish are transitioning to traditional summer areas as we speak.


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Scatter Bass

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: June 12, 2009 - 1:35 PM
Last weekend was a quiet weekend for me, no tournaments.  I did go out to Green Lake near Chisago City for a few hours on Sunday, kind of snooping around in preparation for a small tourney there this weekend.  We caught some decent fish shallow on soft plastics and swim jigs, mostly around cleaner pads.

We then found some pockets of fish on both inside&outside edges of the weeds.  As the day went on, the bite got tougher for us, could be that we were trying new things&new areas, or fishing was just getting tougher.

Either way, fish are in a transition right now and are scattered from inches of water to 20 feet or more.  Some fish have moved to their deep summer haunts, others are still guarding fry.  The good news is, that every day that goes by, the fish are getting closer to bunchin up again in their predictable summer areas.  Keep hunting, you will find them!

For fun, I attached part 2 of my Bass Opener outing, enjoy the show!

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Some Bass Fishing Video from MN Bass Opener

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: June 4, 2009 - 11:21 AM
I blogged about my Opener Experience previously.  We did have some video camera equipment available to us, so here is the first segment off the editing floor.  You will see plenty of largemouth bass catches as well as some rigging techniques and a lot more.  Let me know what you think!

More to come, watch for new episodes posted at my Bassin' Blog!

Tournament #2 - Mississippi River - Red Wing, MN

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: June 2, 2009 - 9:23 AM

This past Sunday seemed to be a tough outing for most of the 160 anglers in the Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament on the Mississippi River out of Red Wing, MN.  Usually these pools produce better weights then it showed on Sunday.


I went in with expectations of putting together a solid limit and getting some good points for year to date standing based on my less then stellar practice.  In the back of my mind, I thought if I fished hard and did not lose any fish, I could possibly cash a check.


All in all, things went well, did not lose any good fish and got one big bite.  At the end of the day, I had a mixed bag of smallmouth and largemouth that weighed 12.03lbs and was good enough for 12th place and a decent check.  See full standings here.


My key baits were a 3/8oz Tru-Tungsten Jig in a brown/purple color with a Green Pumpkin Rage Chunk trailer, plus I got two good bites, one on a Crazy Legs Chigger Craw and the big fish came on a Chatterbait.

Tru-Tungsten Jig was my work horse&chatterbait score my kicker fish!

If you want to learn more about fishing the Weekend Series tournaments as a boater or non-boater, check out  I will be fishing the rest of these events and looking forward to it!


See more details on my catches at Rich’s Bassin’ Blog.

Need to Vent!

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: May 29, 2009 - 2:27 PM

Just as my fishing season is ramping up, it seems like the oil and gas companies are one step ahead of me.  Gas on average is the Minneapolis areas had risen about 50 cents a gallon in the past two months.  I would assume that this could just be the beginning.


Last summer when I was fishing a lot and traveling to tournaments, I was paying almost $4 a gallon, but as fall approached and I was ready to winterize my boat gas prices plummeted to less then $2 a gallon.


It just seems like big oil knows when I need to use more fuel and makes me pay a premium for it.  They waited just long enough to raise prices until I already forked out all my entry fees, so I am dedicated to make those trips and buy that fuel for the rest of the season.


I am not sure I feel better or not now, but I am sure most of you are feeling the same pain!


Until next time,


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