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Rich Lindgren's love for bass fishing is a balance between passion and obsession. He has been an angler all his life and has been tournament fishing for more then 15 years. He has eyes on qualifying for the Bassmasters Classic and wants to help others catch more bass.

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More Pool 2 Fishing

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: May 11, 2009 - 9:00 AM

A fishing buddy of mine and I got out for about 5 hours this past Saturday on Pool 2.  I am kind of getting addicted to this section of the river for a couple reasons; close to home and offers a large variety of water type and cover.


I decided to head way north to the top of Pool 2 to investigate a few areas I had researched.  My Akinetix beanie cap was a nice option to keep my ears warm on that long run from Lion's Levee. We made on quick stop at a culvert that was spilling water into the river, nothing happened there.  The next area was a little pocket off the main river, were I was able to catch an 18” smallmouth and 2 largemouth bass on 3” Black Tubes with 1/4oz Tungsten weight.  I also missed two bites and my partner missed one as well.


We left that area and found another backwater area.  The highlight of that area was catching a 14” crappie of log jam with my 3/8oz Tru-Tungsten jig, PB&J color with a green pumpkin chunk.  The funny thing is, he hit it just like a bass, my line jumped and he engulfed that large bait to the back of his throat.  I also caught one nice chunk largemouth in this area.  I tried a few more areas, no more action, time to head down river to look for fish closer to the landing.


Fished a few areas, caught a few small bass.  The last dead end cut we fishing I caught a nice bass and an 18” walleye of an old boat ramp in 4ft of water on the same jig.  The PB&J jig proved to be a multi-species winner this trip!


I was irritated that my camera phone would not cooperate and I did not get a picture of the smallmouth, crappie or walleye L  I need to get a dedicated digital camera for my boat, any suggestions?

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Early Bass Spawn?

Posted by: Rich Lindgren Updated: May 6, 2009 - 11:50 AM

I had some time kill this past Sunday and took my dog out to walk around the banks of Crystal Lake in Burnsville.  I also brought a fishing pole and did a little casting for panfish.  To my surprise I saw different pairs of bass already spawning in one of the small bays.


There are always a few early spawners, and I would guess these are some of the first wave starting to show up.  I was not in my boat, so no idea what the actual water temperature was.  I noticed that the full moon coincides with opening weekend this year, so look for the shallows to be flooded with bass come the MN Bass Opener.  Just another reason, we should have a early catch&release bass season, because the bass are often in mid spawn during the opener.


Oh yeah, I caught a couple small sunfish too!

For more detailed reports, check out my Bassin' Blog



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