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Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame member Larry Bollig is a successful tournament angler, guide and lecturer. He's considered by many to be one of the state's premier multi-species anglers.

International Falls, Minnesota

Posted by: Larry Bollig under Fishing Updated: April 16, 2010 - 1:32 PM

As of today, I still am having trouble catching big pike. The water temperature is still in the 40's even way back in the bays.

It has been very windy causing the shallows to be turbid making it even more difficult. The pike will have a hard time getting to the vegetation they need for spawning this year -- another good reason for releasing those good sized pike.

Low water is bad for all species when it comes to spawning.

Oh, by the way, pike season is continuous on Rainy Lake.




International Falls, Minnesota

Posted by: Larry Bollig under Fishing Updated: April 9, 2010 - 9:37 AM

As of this moment, the ice on Rainy is not out. However, it is very close. I have been able to get out on two bays on which I usually have good luck catching pike.  So far, not much to report.

The water level is very low and the water temperature as of today, way back in the bays, is only 41 degrees.

Low water levels are going to make trouble for spawning fish. I'll keep on plugging. I am sure as soon as the water warms up a bit and the perch move shallow, the bite will start.

Rainy River Multi Species

Posted by: Larry Bollig under Fishing Updated: April 4, 2010 - 8:56 AM

Yesterday Kelly Blome, my grandson, Erik Faue and I fished the Rainy River near its junction with the Littlefork Rver. We fished for sturgeon for a couple of hours. We caught two small sturgeon and six suckers on crawlers. We then decided to give that up and go home.

During the boat ride back we decided to cast the shoreline and see what would happen so we stopped and fished a good looking shoreline. Kelly put on an XRap and Erik and I used a jig and plastic combination. In one hour (all the time we had left), we caught six pike, one walleye, and one 3-1/2 lb smallmouth--Kelly caught that. The river is low and the water temp was 40 degrees.

Lesson learned: Even in very cold water, hard baits and plastic work. Walleye fishing on the river is starting to pick up especially in the Birchdale area. Best bet for sturgeon is near the mouth at four mile bay, Some of the bays on Rainy Lake are ice free.





Rainy River

Posted by: Larry Bollig Updated: March 31, 2010 - 12:26 PM

erik faue's sturgeonInternational Falls, MN


Four mile bay on Lake of the Woods is now open which means, of course, that all of the Rainy River is ice free. Walleye fishing has been a little slow as of today. However, any day now it should break loose. Friends of mine--Kelly Blome and his son, Jason fished four mile bay on Saturday and caught and released seven sturgeon up to 62 inches. All were caught on nightcrawlers. See picture in Trophy Tales.

International Falls, Minnesota

Posted by: Larry Bollig under Fishing Updated: March 21, 2010 - 6:38 PM

Everyone knows the Rainy River walleye run is about to start. The sturgeon run is about to commence as well.

The Rainy River offers you one of your best chances to catch the largest fish of your life. From the mouth of the river at 4-mile bay (Lake of the Woods) all the way up to the dam at International Falls. I, personally, believe the lake sturgeon to be much stronger and just as acrobatic as the musky. The best fishing is usually had starting with ice out at 4-mile bay as the fish come in from the lake to start their spawning run. Although there are more sturgeon in the river during the spawn, the river offers good action all summer and fall along its full length.


Tools required: long rods with good backbone, reels filled with 50 lb braided line with a swivel and 3 feet of 20 lb mono leader, a number 1 circle hook, heavy sinkers, and lots of nghtcrawlers.


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