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Capt. Josh Hagemeister, who runs Minnesota Fishing Guide Service, has been a successful multi-species fishing guide throughout Minnesota for 20 years.

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Rigs vs. Jigs, what's your preference?

Posted by: Josh Hagenmeister Updated: May 4, 2009 - 10:37 PM

What do I like best?  For me its a 50/50 answer--I like both jigs and rigs.  I guess I prefer the "thunk" a jig gets when a walleye inhales the bait, but I also like the challange of dragging a live bait rig and anticipating the hook set--not as simple as with a jig.  Kind of like the comparison of spinner bait fishing for bass vereses a Texas rigged worm and the anticipation of that hook set.  
I am the first to admit that I am not a rig fisherman or a jig fisherman--I am whatever the fish tell me to be.  I will however take the side that catching a fish on a jig is my favorite--especially on light tackle.  The jig in my opinion is indeed a more versatile and precise methos of presenting your bait than a leadered live bait rig all day long. All you have to do to prove that is ask yourself if you can control where your bait is 100% of the time with a live bait rig with a 2-10 ft leader on it?   No.
 The only control you have over the "rig" is to where the slip sinker is-- but you will never know without a doubt where that feisty minnow on a long leash is swimming around.  Is the minnow on the bottom, 12" off the bottom, off to the side 36"?  See what I mean?  Now picture your bait on a jig, the bait is exactly where you put the jig-- the bottom, suspended 12" off, again--see what I mean.  Less tangles with the jig as well because the leader is not there.  Jigs also have more "color and size control".  Thats a whole seperate blog, for now I am going out on Saturday morning armed with a "rig" rod and a "jig" rod and hoping that I can find some fish to take the jig--because that's my personal favorite way of catching "Wally".  Good Luck, Capt. Josh  


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