John Moore

John Moore has been tournament fishing for four years and is president of Sunrise Bassmasters in North Branch, Minnesota.

John Moore: Forest Lake fishing report

Posted by: John Moore under Fishing Updated: May 23, 2009 - 11:39 PM
Some fish were really tight lipped today. I saw several bass in shallow waters that were on beds protecting eggs. Plenty of sunfish in the shallows in case your looking for panfish action. Docks yielded some action for bass. Large weed flats were tough to dissect in the winds. A few pike were found. Natural colored baits worked best for me in the clearer spring waters. Senkos in 5" were a good fit to entice shallow water fish. 1/4 ounce jigs cast over weed flats yielded a few bass. Larger 3/8 sizes are a good idea for 12 feet weed lines. The spawner version of a Kizewgill jig from SuperK is an excellent choice for this time of year.

Fish on&tight lines !

John Moore

John Moore: Windy Days Part 2

Posted by: John Moore under Bass Updated: May 14, 2009 - 12:13 AM
As the wind blows plankton across the lake, panfish and shad will follow. Gamefish, such as bass will not be far behind. Wind driven currents cause water to chop which reduces sunlight penetration. Wind current will also yield oxygenated waters by churning up sub-surface waters. Bass can feel a waters current passing into their lateral lines. Instinctively, they will position themselves to the places that would yield the highest concentration of baitfish. Bass will move closer to certain windblown banks in attempts to locate an easier meal to eat.

Bass will be waiting to ambush confused and singled-out prey. Look for eddies or irregularities in the water. Baitfish can get disorientated in sediment washing through areas that restrict flow. Concentrate your casts to those areas using a bait that will get down to where you need it in the water colum. Wind blowing through vegetation channels can concentrate fish at and near the downwind side.

Following the wind is part of reading water. Ask yourself, what are the paths of least resistance ? Wind direction, how strong it is and how long it has been blowing a certain direction are all factors to be considered.

Have fun&tight lines !

John Moore

Windy Days Part 1 - Fish Safely

Posted by: John Moore under Fishing Updated: May 13, 2009 - 11:10 PM

The winds of spring can certainly be a questionable and tough time to get out on the water.

Safety should be the first concern.

Let someone know when, where and how long you will be fishing.

Don't fish alone. Fish with a partner so you can keep an eye on each other.

Wear a life jacket. This WILL minimize your risk of being injured or drowning. It will keep you afloat longer in the event you need a water rescue.

If you are standing on the front deck of your boat operating a trolling motor, use a seat or butt-seat for support.

DO NOT set your trolling motor on constant.
Use the momentary feature. If you fall over board, your boats trolling motor will easily steer the boat right out of reach on a constant speed setting.

Keep a dry set of clothes on the boat. Mid-50's water temps can take your breathe away. Fatigue&shock can occur instantly. Hypothermia kills. Get dry. Get warm&get dressed.

Even the most seasoned anglers can get themselves in trouble if they are not careful.

Stay tuned for some ideas on where to find fish on these wind driven days of spring !

Tight lines !

John Moore

Still waiting for the opener ???

Posted by: John Moore under Bass Updated: May 11, 2009 - 5:28 PM
This weekend, I was able to spend some quality time with my brother&wife on a local metro lake. Since the bass season has not officially opened, we targeted large pike. Pike&Bass often share the same types of structures&hideouts. They also have a liking for similar baits. (spinnerbaits, crankbaits, chatterbaits&even topwater this time of year).  It is an excellent way to get out on the water and work out bugs out of the reels before the tournaments start.

I was able to find 4 large pike roaming flats along with over 20 largemouths. We also targeted panfish using small grub jigs on shallow flats. Again, more bass.

With such great action in the prespawn period of the largemouth, why is it that we wait ? If it was catch&release, would that be ok ?? Also, Tim Pawlenty: If you read this, how can I help you move the opener off of mothers day weekend ?? Might I suggest a week earlier ??


John Moore

Centerville lake is hopping with action

Posted by: John Moore under Fishing Updated: May 6, 2009 - 12:51 PM

Located in NE Anoka County, Centerville Lake is an excellent panfish lake also containing Bass, Walleye&Northern Pike. Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits&Jigs work greet in deep & shoreline structures.

If your interested in a family trip to Centerville you should consider purchasing a daily or annual pass from the Rice Creek Chain of Lakes (Anoka County Park & Rec). The boat launch, beach & campground are a great way to spend a weekend enjoying the outdoors.

Centerville is also a great shore fishing lake. In the spring, you can spend AN ENTIRE day fishing from shore from plenty of action.

See you on the water !

Good luck & tight lines !

John Moore


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