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John Moore has been tournament fishing for four years and is president of Sunrise Bassmasters in North Branch, Minnesota.

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Sunrise Bassmasters Fishing Report (July, 2012)

Posted by: John Moore Updated: December 4, 2012 - 12:00 PM

Green Lake, July 29th 2012 

What a Day! As we launched the rain & wind started. By about 10:30 the rain & wind stopped, the sun came out and calm waters arrived. Most fished the weed lines and breaks. Some ventured in closer to shore. But at weigh in Jeff & Eric came in with the winning bag, 14.24lbs!! Texas rigged worms & grubs were their ticket. Congrats to Jeff & Eric! Also congrats to Wayne & Adam with the Big Fish weighing 3.86lbs.Senkos, hollow frogs, jig worms & drop shot also worked. With three events left, the race for AOY is tight! Will the Wilson Clan keep ahead or will another angler emerge?

Sunrise Bassmasters Jeff & Eric catch the big bag for the day at Green Lake

Sunrise Bassmaster Anglers Jeff and Eric bring in the big bag of the clubs day

Next stop is the Mississippi in August! 
Sunrise Bassmasters

2011 Fishing Plans change amidst projections of soaring fuel costs

Posted by: John Moore Updated: January 10, 2011 - 12:38 PM

Is the price of gas high? In today’s economic environment, many people are struggling to make ends meet. Unemployment rates are high but even those within the workforce that have found work have been placed in lower paying jobs than what they previously earned. Some companies hired workers at reduced hours which equates to less income. Companies and business also feel the impact of economic times so they offer less benefits or similar benefits at a higher cost than before. All of these factors make it difficult for diverse groups of people to afford gas prices.
High gas prices are being felt by all social economic backgrounds. Sunrise Bassmasters out of North Branch MN is a fishing club if roughly 16 members. It consists of students, teachers, white and blue collar professionals who meet regularly for friendly club competition. Club president John Moore says, “It’s been tough on some of our members. Guided by the invisible hand of gas prices, many of us make changes in our lifestyles to alleviate the high costs. We enjoy travelling throughout the great state of Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin. We used to make several trips to a body of water prior to the competition. With today’s gas prices many members choose to stay closer to home.”

For 2011, gas prices are expected to peak at over $4.00 a gallon. This means that trailering your boat behind your truck 60 – 80 miles could cost you a ½ a tank each way. Your 1 or 2 day fishing trip chalks up to as much as $120 in gas. The high gas prices also affect the local economies we visit. Historically, we may have stopped for lunch, snacks, shopping, or more in any given city. We would stimulate a local economy by utilizing local business. Instead of an overnight multi-night stay, we now make a single day trip.

As a club, we meet soon to discuss what lakes we would like to visit vs what lakes we can afford to visit. There are plenty of lakes within our home area too, but we like to venture out and experience new waters, new places just like many of you.

It is clear that as a club, we will have to re-evaluate what we can or perhaps can't do in 2011. I wonder what 2012 will have in store for us!

So what are your plans for fishing in 2011?



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