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Glenn Walker began fishing at age 2 and spent his summers fishing the Mississippi River. He fished his first tournament in 2001 and has gone on to win BFL Big Bass Awards, tournaments and a fifth place finish in the MN Silverado Pro-Am. To learn more, visit

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Incredible new fishing line hits the US – finally!

Posted by: Glenn Walker Updated: December 1, 2009 - 9:06 AM
After using Seaguar TATSU on a recent fishing trip, I was amazed at how I could feel every rock, twig and finicky biting fall bass.  The difference here is that I was using 15 lb. test and it took a beating on numerous wing dams, rock piles and shell beds.  These are the usual suspects when it comes to putting nicks in a fishing line.  This line was very helpful as I would work my jerk bait and let it sit idle in the water; as soon as a bass would take a swipe at my bait I would feel it. 

Normally when using fluorocarbon line you lose the sensitivity and as you increase the size of the line, along with the ease of casting.  So I decided to make a “long cast” out there to find out why TATSU is such an incredible line.

In the fishing world, many innovative techniques and products have come from the diehard finesse fishing circles in Japan.  The popular drop shoting technique has now become a staple across the United States, start in Japan.

Starting this year, Seaguar’s highly sought after and very popular Double Structure Fluorocarbon is available as main line for the first time in the United States.  Seaguar TATSU is made exclusively from two different 100% Seaguar resins, which allows it to deliver to very crucial characteristics when it comes to selecting a fishing line.  Sensitivity and Strength at the same time.

If you are looking for the edge over the fish and the competition next year, check out the new Seaguar TATSU.

Swimming Jigs for Bass

Posted by: Glenn Walker Updated: October 8, 2009 - 10:00 PM

Swimming a jig is a technique that was made popular by some of the top bass fisherman on the Upper Mississippi River, but its impact has stretched across the nation!  Top anglers from Canada all the way down to Florida and Texas rely on this technique and lure to put bass in their boats all year long.

Up until this year, I have just used the RC Tackle Swim Jig for shallow water on the Mississippi River, but this year fishing the lakes in Minnesota I refined this technique to deeper water.  By using a bigger 3/8 oz. jig, compared to my normal 1/4 oz. jig and varying retrieves helped make this a successful tactic for me this season.

Instead of me writing more about this lure and technique, I urge you to take a look at this video that takes a look at the jig and technique!!

Silverado Pro-Am Tournament Championship

Posted by: Glenn Walker Updated: September 20, 2009 - 12:20 PM
My pro partner for the Silverado Pro-Am Championship was Earl Sharpe and we began our quest to figure out the mighty Minnetonka bass on Wednesday.  We looked at numerous areas, both shallow and deep.  Our goal was to locate as many areas as possible that were holding bass that were 3 lb.'s plus in size.  Being that this was a championship and that catching just a limit, wouldn't prove very beneficial, our goal was to get 6 good bites come tournament day.

The highlight of pre-fishing was when I hooked into a beautiful 47 inch Muskie, this was my first big Muskie I have ever caught and boy was that fun to bring in!  This Muskie along with numerous bass I caught on docks and shallow weedlines came on an RC Tackle Swim Jig both in 1/4 and 3/8 oz. size.

Last weekend in the tournament I caught some nice bass on a Texas-rigged craw and did get a few on this pre-fishing.  I found it was important to use a heavy wire Eagle Claw extra wide gap hook in 4/0 or 5/0.  Fishing for these bass and using heavy braided line is why I needed that heavy hook.

But I knew come tournament day, my best chance to hook into the bigger bass on Tonka, using a jig was going to be my best bet.  So I rigged up a 1/2 oz. RC Tackle Jig with a RC Tackle Smallie Beaver as my trailer.  Using this jig helped me get 3 of our 6 bass limit that weighed in at 16.03 lb. 6-fish limit.  This put us in 5th place and being that we didn't miss or lose any bass all day, it was a great day on the water.

Congratulations to Shane Raveling and his am Jeff Ziermann for bringing in 21.62 lb.'s to win the championship!

Being my first year fishing the Silverado Pro-Am and even wetting a line on these lakes, I felt I had a successful year with a 9th place finish at Minnewaska and ending up 24th in the standings was great, but to get the chance to fish the Championship and finish 5th is truly awesome!!

I want to thank all of the Silverado sponsors for their support and help in making this tournament trail truly the best in the Midwest!!

I also want to thank all my sponsors for their support and helping me be successful in 2009:  Eagle Claw, Quantum, RC Tackle, Seaguar, TRICOR Insurance.

Lake Minnetonka Silverado Pro-Am

Posted by: Glenn Walker Updated: September 12, 2009 - 8:17 PM

The 4th and final regular season stop on the 2009 MN Silverado Pro-Am Bass Tour was held on Friday, September 11th on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka out of Lord Fletcher's.  I got out with my boater Mike Frisch on Thursday to pre-fish and we had a great day.  Using both slow and fast presentations helped us figure out what the game plan for tournament day was going to be.  On several of my presentations the key was using a heavy wire Eagle Claw extra wide gap hook.

Despite catching a 2.5 lb. fish right away on an RC Tackle swim jig, the day was tough for us.  Our 6-fish limit weighed 7.9 lb.'s and put us in 45th place.  This dropped me in the point standings to 24th place and out of the Championship field.  But I was pleasantly surprised when they announced I was one of the wild card am anglers who would be fishing in the championship!!

So I will get another shot on Lake Minnetonka on Saturday, September 19th.  The championship is 20 pro's and am's fishing from 7 to 3.  The tournament will go out of and the weigh in will be at Maynard's right on the lake.

I will have more details on my Lake Minnetonka experiences following the championship next weekend.

If you are a bass fisherman, curious about bass tournaments, or just looking for a fun event to attend next weekend I urge you to come on out and check out the Silverado Pro-Am championship next weekend.

Labor Day Mississippi River Bassin!

Posted by: Glenn Walker Updated: September 9, 2009 - 9:07 PM
I started my Labor Day fishing trip at the cabin on Friday and was greeted with tough fishing and only boated 5 bass all day.  I spent most of my time focusing on areas that would be considered traditional summer haunts for largemouth and got the cold shoulder.

Saturday I re-thought my plan of attack and fished some of the same areas from Friday and areas like it, but instead I positioned myself so I could put my bait in front of the bass that had already begun their transition to their fall locations.  A clue I got at the end of the day on Friday was I caught 3 bass in several minutes on an RC Tackle Finesse Spinnerbait with a double Colorado blade on it.

This spinnerbait and my RC Tackle swim jig proved to be excellent matches to the shad that the bass were beginning to chase to prepare for the long winter ahead.

Searching out areas that had some green vegetation still and deeper water close by was crucial.  I also did catch several fish on a Carolina-rig.  These fish were located on a point that had deeper water close by as well.  My Carolina-rig consisted of a 3/8 oz. Eagle Claw non-lead egg sinker, 2 beads, barrel swivel, followed by a 12 inch Seaguar fluorocarbon leader tied to a 3/0 Eagle Claw extra wide gap hook with a Baby Brush Hog as my bait.

Barely moving my rig with a Quantum Super Lite PT rod and Burner reel spooled with Seaguar fluorocarbon was extremely important to coaxing the highly pressured bass into biting.

Labor Day weekends means that the summer went by too fast, but by listening to the bites I got and analyzing where and how I caught the bass helped me make this Labor Day a good one!


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