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Gary Peterson, owner of Ken’s Tackle on the west side of Otter Tail Lake, purchased his bait shop with the desire to work with his hobby: fishing. He is a Battle Lake, Minn., native and has been fishing the local lakes his entire life.

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Best Bet for Otter Tail Lake Area

Posted by: Gary Peterson Updated: July 6, 2009 - 2:11 PM
Fishing in the Otter Tail Lake area continues to be good.  Depths are in 15 to 25 feet range.  Crawlers and leeches are your best bet.  Panfish are hitting on lakes as well.  A small jig with wax worms or crawlers are working well for this catch.

For walleye presentations; a bottom bouncer and JB Spinner.  JB's are made in Minnesota and come in a variety of colors.  The ones that are working best in our area are the blue/white, chartreuse, and yellow/orange. 

One quick note: When fishing with a crawler and harness, pinch off the tail so the fish can't suck on the crawler.  You'll get a quicker hook set.  Also, shoot a shot of air in your crawlers to get it to float off the bottom.

Good luck and give us a call for the latest - Ken's Tackle - 218-495-2895.

The Okuma Line is a Proven Tool

Posted by: Gary Peterson Updated: June 4, 2009 - 5:33 PM
Fishing in the Otter Tail Lake area continues to be good.  Jig and minnow, or snell are working well.  Depths are in the 8 to 30 foot range.  Crawlers and leeches are also starting to heat up.  For some night fishing try a jig and bobber in 10 to 15 feet of water.  Lastly, bass fishing and panfish bite has also been very good.

Ken's Tackle started caring a new line called Okuma.  Okuma is a Canadian company who is really coming on strong.  Okuma makes an assortment of rods and reels for those in search of a good mid-priced outfit.  We recommend an Avenger spinning reel that has seven ball bearings and an Aquios rod for medium action for your walleye.  This make is a sweet combo for under $80.

Muskie fishermen:  check out their muskie rods and reels for muskie opener this week-end.

Give us a call and we'll help you in getting set up for equipment that works our area.

Good luck!

Memorial Day Weekend - Memorable! Fish are biting in the Otter Tail area!

Posted by: Gary Peterson Updated: May 27, 2009 - 5:45 PM
Memorial Day weekend had a lot of people in the Otter Tail Lake area enjoying the beautiful weather and great fishing!  Lake temps are now 58 to 64 degrees.  A lot of fish were caught this weekend in depths from 6 to 30 feet. 

Leeches and crawlers are beginning to turn on fish as well as shiner or fathead minnows.  A Lindy Rig set up at a slow troll is a very effective presentation.  Another good method is the jig and minnow.

Maynard Jigs are very popular in our area and come in an assortment of colors.  Maynard Jigs are Minnesota made, and have a mustard hook with a keeper so you can also use artificial bait with them if you'd like.  The jigs come in 1/16th ounce increments from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce sizes.  Ken's Tackle has colors and sizes available for you that work best in our area lakes.

Practice catch and release, or just keep what you can eat to help the population!

For more information, contact Gary at or 218-495-2895. 


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