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Denise Bornhausen is a volunteer instructor with Becoming an Outdoors Woman in Minnesota and is raising a hunting and fishing kid.

Sports Show Memories

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Every year when I start hearing the radio ads for the Sportsmen’s Show, I’m immediately transported back to being 8 years old and anxiously awaiting ads for the Iowa Sports Show at Vets Auditorium. As the oldest grandchild, I had the privilege of being grandpa’s special guest at the annual Sports Show. It meant getting out of school early, McDonalds for dinner (back when McDonald’s was a treat) and a whole evening with my grandfather wandering the aisles looking at the all of the new fishing products, checking out possible resorts for future trips, maybe watching a seminar and then settling in with pop corn for the stage show – the retrieving dogs, log rolling and an act from the HeeHaw TV show. I always came home tired with a bag as big as I was with all of the colorful, exciting brochures for exotic sounding places like Lake of the Woods, Lake of the Ozarks and Canada.

My grandfather was a farmer, but as he got older his fishing trips became his passion. He purchased an old motor home and all six of us grandchildren took memorable trips in “the Dog House.” It might have just been an overnight to the lake for bullheads, or maybe a week at Lake of the Woods or Table Rock, but the memories made can’t be priced. Now that we’re all grown and have families of our own, we take to fishing trips to some of those places that seemed so far away and exotic in those sport show brochures of my youth. 

My own daughter has been going to the ice fishing show with her dad since she was a baby - she checks out the ice shacks and more often than not, is successful at the trout pond. Now that she’s 8, maybe it’s time for me to take her to the Sportshow and introduce her to those wonderful exotic places like the Lake of the Woods and Canada! I’m sure she’ll love Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel, too!

The Sportsmen’s Show is January 13-17 at the Rivercenter in St. Paul. Discount tickets are available at Take your child, collect those colorful brochures and plan a trip together and create some lifetime memories! 


The 12 Days of Christmas - Days 2 and 3

Posted by: Denise Bornhausen under Equipment, Family Fun, Outdoors Women Updated: December 15, 2009 - 5:43 AM
With more fresh snow, day 2 brings a gift idea for the whole family. 
While down hill and cross country skiing are popular, they can be expensive sports for a family - not to mention that it often involves travel to participate. A more affordable way to play on the snow is snowshoes. They can be used anywhere from the backyard to the woods. These are "out of the package" gifts - no complex instruction manual or batteries needed - just strap onto your boots and go. Today's modern metals and plastics mean that there are price entry points for all budgets. Plus snowshoeing is a great low impact aerobic excercise that burns more calories than running or walking at the same speed. Many park districts and nature centers have rental snowshoes and you can purchase children and adult sizes at local retailers including REI and Sports Authority

Day 3 brings gifts that keep on giving. 
For teens and adults that cross country ski - a MN Ski Pass gives them acess to miles of groomed trails in state parks and forests. At just $15 for the season a MN Ski Pass is a great stocking stuffer! Passes can be purchased anywhere that offers electronic license purchase, online at the DNR website or at State Parks. A three year pass is also available. 

For kids a membership to the local nature center gives them opportunities to explore nature all year. A membership paired with a field guide or flashlight is a great stocking stuffer. Staffed by naturalists and volunteers who love the outdoors these local treasures are the the forefront of the no child left inside movement. They offer trails for walking and hiking, educational classes and more. Many are preserving nature and wetlands with in an urban setting. Just a sampling in the metro include Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield, Dodge Nature Center in South St. Paul, Carpenter Nature Center in Hastings and Westwood Hills in St. Louis Park. 

Tomorrow - Shopping the bookshelf.

12 Gifts of Christmas for Your Favorite Outdoor Women and Children

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This week's snow has finally put me in the holiday spirit and looking at the calendar it's less than two short weeks until Christmas. If you put off your shopping or are looking for creative ideas for the outdoor woman or child in your life - I'll be posting two ideas a day up until Dec. 24th!

With apologies to Frederic Austin, composer of The Twelve Days of Christmas, here's my Christmas list.....

For the outdoor kid - Smartwool socks 
If you family is anything like mine - socks are always under the tree. As adults we always put on performance socks for outdoor activities, but think nothing of sending our kids out with cotton socks in their snow boots. And unlike most of us - kids spend far more time outside in the winter than we do. Fill their stockings with a a pair or two of Smartwool socks. They'll keep their feet warm and dry and they come in lots of fun designs and colors for even the most descrimating kid. 

For the outdoor woman - Smartwool sweater
Smartwool has applied their "woolology" technology to performance clothing and sweaters. I find myself fondling these lightweight, washable, "no itch" sweaters everytime I'm in a sporting goods store. Their clean, classic designs mean these functional sweaters will also be fashionable for years to come. Santa - Snowflake Full Zip size large, please. 

You can still place orders on line at and receive before Christmas or stop by a local dealer including Gander Mountain, Joe's Sporting Goods, Dick's, Sports Authority, Hoigaards, Nokomis Shoes or Midwest Mountaineering to make your holiday purchase. 

Tomorrow - snowshoes for the entire family.

Back to Class

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By now the kids are all ready for back to school with fresh pencils and notebooks, shoes and backpacks. They are eagerly waiting to start learning new skills and making new friends. And why should we, as adult women, be left out of the fun? Eagle Bluff ELC near Lanesboro and MN Becoming Outdoors Woman (BOW) are hosting the Discover BOW Weekend September 11-13. It’s an opportunity to “go back to class” to learn new outdoor skills and make new friends.

Taking advantage of the beautiful southeast Minnesota location, the BOW weekend has everything from exploring the Root River via canoe, kayak, or with a fly rod to hiking and orienteering through Eagle Bluff’s extensive property, learning about the flora and fauna of the region. Other classes include archery and a mock 3-D hunt, upland bird hunting or fire arm safety skills. There’s a bicycle ride along the Root River trail out of Lanesboro, or for those who need more adrenaline, a high ropes challenge. Classes are limited to 12 persons or less with lots of hands-on, step-by-step instruction from experienced outdoors enthusiasts, most of whom are women.

I attended one Minnesota’s first BOW weekends nearly 15 years ago at Gunflint Lodge and have been hooked ever since. It was so empowering to spend the weekend with a group of women learning how to load and shoot a firearm and how to tie on my own lure. There were lots of beginner’s mistakes, but there was also lots of help and tons of laughter. I now understood the easy camaraderie of the hunt camp and I wanted more of it for myself. Progressing from a participant to instructor, I’ve learned new skills like pheasant hunting, polished old, like fishing, and most importantly, made many wonderful new outdoor friends.

My increasing comfort and confidence outdoors has naturally passed on to my daughter, who is becoming quite the outdoor girl herself. She’s anxiously counting the years until she’ll be old enough to participate in my “girls only” Canadian fishing trip and our hunting trips, many of which have more women than men.

Doctors and scientists say that we should continue to learn new skills throughout our lives to keep our brains healthy. Lifelong learning doesn’t need to just come from books and the classroom. Plus, homework never entailed a beautiful walk through a fall woods or an afternoon on the water with a bucket of minnows and rod. And best of all – practice makes perfect!

 (It’s not too late to register for the fall BOW workshop at Eagle Bluff. Download a brochure at or call 1-888-800-9958.)

Women's Bike Maintenance Class June 12th

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Now the the weather has finally gotten nice, many of us have hauled our bicycles out of storage and starting hitting Minneapolis and Minnesota's beautiful trails. If you discovered that you had a flat or that your bike wasn't performing well - then the Beyond BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) bike maintenance class on Friday, June 12th is for you. The friendly staff at Boehm's Cycle in Mendota Heights will lead a hands on class focusing on fixing flat tires and simple maintenance tips and techniques. Register through the MN DNR at 1-888-646-6367. 

Then take your bike out and ride!


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