Cody Thompson

Cody Thompson is an avid angler who enjoys bass fishing tournaments. He's the president of the Metro Hawg Hunters Bass Club out of Minneapolis. He also enjoys hunting and camping with family and friends.

MN velvet buck harvested November 29th

Posted by: Cody Thompson Updated: December 1, 2009 - 12:00 PM

Earlier this year I was selected to participate in a special shotgun hunt in western Hennepin County on November 28th& 29th.These hunts are a lot of fun as you never know what you will see; this was my fifth time being selected. I setup stand the morning of the 28th as your not allowed to setup prior to the actually hunt. I sat in my stand the entire day on the 28th, I saw seven does but none offered a shot. I removed my stand and hung it back up in a different location just 40 yards for the following day. I was confident by moving my stand I would get a shot at a deer as I setup near a heavily used trail. I arrived in my stand around 0630 hours and planned on sitting all day. At approximately 0919 hours I saw this buck come from a group of large pine tree from the west. The buck was approximately 40 yards away, I could see that he had a tall rack on his right side but nothing else. The buck jumped on the trail I was hoping it would and started walking east, at 35 yards I grunted at the buck where he locked up its legs and started looking for what made that noise. I fired one shot at 35 yards dropping the deer. All I could see while it was laying down in the tall grass was the right side of the rack, which again looked pretty nice. I got out of my stand and walked over to the deer, as I got closer I could tell that his antlers were "funny looking”. The buck was still in full velvet, the antlers were soft and somewhat flexible at the tips. I was very shocked as I have never heard of a buck being harvested in MN in late November still in full velvet. I registered the buck with the group who administers the special hunts and they have never seen or heard of this either. The deer was 3 years old, field dressed at 180lbs and had 17 inch spread. Why is this deer still in velvet and why does it have a "messed up" rack?? I located an article on the internet that explained both. Check it out if you wan. Very interesting I thought.(

  I’m planning on having a European mount done; I will post a photo when done. Thanks everyone

The bite on "Tonka" can change much to fast!

Posted by: Cody Thompson under Bass Updated: June 15, 2009 - 10:36 PM
Lake Minnetonka AKA "Tonka" is such a great bass fishery that its hard to not fish it on a regualr basis if you live close.The bite on Tonka in my opinion can change 180 degrees in a matter of few hours which makes it frustrating for tournament anglers.One example that I have is from this past weekend. I went our pre-fishing with my partner on Saturday for our club tournament which was the following day, we tried some new water that does not get much pressure belive it or not and found a good bite on an inside and outside weedline. The bass were very aggressive using and texas rig and a tube jig, we caught a few 2+ lb bass,one 3+ lb and lost a nice 4 lb bass all in a short time,we left the spots and headed off the lake.

The day of the club tournament was a different story, from the time we were catching decent bass the day before until the morning of the tournament was only 14 hours.The weather was the same as the day before, no rain, no fronts, no wind....the fish should still be there right?? By the title of this blog you should have guessed it....NO they were pretty much gone! We arrived at our first spot with no one around,nobody even got close to us as we spent the first 2 hours there. We managed to catch 3 small keepers,none of them were on a texas rig or a tube.We managed to catch a few decent fish after moving to several spots.None of the fish were caught on a texas rig or a tube like the day before.After it was all said and done,my biggest was 3.84 lbs that was spawned out.In talking to everyone one else in the club it was the same story, none of the fish they had going produced the following day.The bite got slower, the fish wanted something else. The point of this blog is to make sure you have several spots producing and be preapred to change tactis completely.


Live bait vs. Artificial bait? Your thoughts.

Posted by: Cody Thompson under Bait Updated: May 14, 2009 - 12:26 AM

What are your opinions on the great debate of live bait vs. artificial bait?? I'm going to keep this one short and give you my thoughts. When every young kid starts fishing he or she is introduced to live bait such as nightcrawlers, wax worms and minnows why is this?? Is it because it catch’s more fish or because its less work?? I would say less work. I believe that artificial bait catch’s more fish and younger kids should start using it if they show a great deal of interest in fishing. When I started fishing I used to think it was impossible to catch fish on artificial baits, as I got older I started using them second to none. There are several different colors and styles making the possibilities endless in trying to make a fish bite. Plus artificial bait is cheaper in the long run as you can store it for several months and even years without it going bad. Live bait is too sensitive to hot and cold making it very challenging at times to keep it alive. You can also lose all your live bait in a matter of a few seconds if someone tips the bait bucket over, who wants to ruin the fishing trip just like that! What are your experiences with live bait compared to artificial bait??

The countdown is on.......

Posted by: Cody Thompson under Fishing, Bass Updated: April 29, 2009 - 11:13 PM

If you are like me I consider Minnesota's bass opener to a kid waking up for his first Christmas. The crisp and clear morning is like no other, the glass like waters ready for a day of fun. The thought, then reality of the clam water breaking as you hook into your first bass of the year, the excitement is indescribable at times.  Many fisherman in the state believe that bass fishing is "easy and not fun”, I once had the same opinion until I fished with a few people who targeted them specifically. They opened up my eyes and I have been hooked ever since. The largemouth and smallmouth bass are a very powerful and exciting fish to catch, especially when it’s in the 4lb + range. I agree that bass are one of the easier species to catch but I would have to strongly state only the determined and/or experienced fisherman catch the “big bucketmouths on a regular basis. The thrill of hooking one of these beauties is what keeps many of us fishing day after day, add the fact that you can cash a paycheck it will keep you going, trust me! I encourage others who don’t like to bass fish or haven’t tried bass fishing to try it in 2009; you may get hooked like I did! Have a safe and enjoyable 2009 fishing season.Thoughts, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Check back next week for more.........