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Brian Klawitter is an expert in trophy flathead catfish and sturgeon fishing. He owns and operates BrianK's Trophy Catfishing and Sturgeon Adventures. His guiding and seminars first cover safety, then education on fishing for the "monsters of the rivers."

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Stupid Crazy Open Water Fishing In January?

Posted by: Brian Klawitter Updated: December 31, 2009 - 4:54 PM
Tom Donaldson  of Dresbach Mn and his father took the day off yesterday to make the 1.5 hour drive to Pool 4 of the Mississippi River near Red Wing for some quality father son time fishing. Now most people this time of year have their portable fish house, auger, Marcum and St Croix ice rods in the back of their vehicles.  These two didn't have ice on their minds, they were pulling their boat filled with everything a person needs for spring time fishing to the landing at Everts Fishing Resort in Hagar City. The goal was 12 walleye or saugers for a late evening dinner with the family back in Dresbach.

They stopped into the bait shop to talk with Dean Marshal the manager. Dean always has the pulse of the river. The hot plastics were all laying on the counter.  Plastics seem to work the best this time of year and not too many complain when they are threading on a  Paddletails instead of dipping their hands in the bait bucket for a cold minnow.  Dean said the Oystershell, Stewart Pro Blue, Fire Cracker and the newly released Everts Brand paddletails called BK Semi Pro Electric Blue were the go to colors lately.

When asked how the bites been, Dean's reply was "stupid good". Tom felt that was a good sign!

The two found themselves motoring up towards the dam around 11:00am. Tom said this is a great time of year to be fishing this area. Everyone is thinking ice fishing and we have the whole river to ourselves!

What about the bite Tom? I asked.

"It was more like Stupid Crazy! We could fish with two rods but both Dad and I put one rod away. We would drop a line down then find out we had a fish on before we could drop the other line. It was too hard fishing with two lines!  Most of our fish were coming from 18 to 25 feet of water vertial jigging down stream. Then we would "drag" with 5/16 H20 Precision Jig Heads and Ringworms up stream and have just as much fun. It really was a stupid crazy bite!  Ok Tom, translate stupid crazy for me. "We fished for about 2 hours. Easily, without stretching it had 40+ fish in the boat. We took home 12 saugers in the 16 inch range with 2 of them being very close to 18 inches". 

End of December, snowing, most people thinking of ice fishing and Tom and his Dad have the whole river to themselves with Stupid Crazy fish.

That's just Stupid Crazy!

November Walleye Sauger update Pool 4 of the Mississippi

Posted by: Brian Klawitter Updated: November 6, 2009 - 9:28 PM
With the beautiful weekend predicted by our weather men, it's a sure thing there will be many taking advantage of it. While some head for the woods for the deer season, others will enjoy some of the best fishing of the year!

There were too many smile at the fish cleaning house tonight to not stop in and see what's going on and maybe find few tips on what's working today.

It turns out that many presentations were working for the guys with limits or near limits of fish. Using 3 ways seemed to be the best or maybe most often used set up. This was followed by vertical jigging plastics. Paddle Tail's were the clear winner in this catagory. The folks that were using a plain jig and minnow seemed to struggle the most.

When I use the Marcum camera, (video above) one thing became very clear. The fish in most areas hug the bottom. The angler that raised the lure a foot off the bottom is going to be 6 to 8 inches out of the strike zone. The tried and true method for plastic is to find the bottom, lift your rod tip 2 to 4 inches, hold as steady as possible...then count to 20. Then repeat. It's the steady hold and the river current working the lure that gets the strikes most every time.

With the river water temps rising slightly, the flathead cats were out roaming for an extra meal before the long winter. There were a number of lucky anglers that hooked into flats from 5 to a reported 40 pounds today.

It's going to be a great weekend to be out on the water!

Everyone Thinks of Pool 4 in the Spring

Posted by: Brian Klawitter Updated: October 26, 2009 - 9:49 PM
Many think of fishing Pool 4 near Red Wing is the place to be in the spring. Not so for eater sauger and walleyes!

In fact, the fall bite can be just as good if not better than in spring.

What's working today?

Pulling three way rigs is hot right now. Many use their favorite stick bait. Keep in mind that the colors might change throughout the day. Depending on the flow the day you're looking for a meal, 2 to 3 ounces of weight will do the trick. What I hear that's more important than color is speed.  Trolling down to .4 miles per hour works very well. Moving side to side at that speed on a current seam will give you plenty of tugs!  Don't forget a Ringworm on a # 2 hook in place of that $7.00 shad imitation works very well too.

For those that feel more comfortable vertical jigging, plastics are taking off. B-Fish-N Tackles Stewart Pro Blue Ringworm is a deadly color in both spring and fall as well as Purple Chartreuse.  On brighter days, give the Oyster and Firecracker a shot. Bright colors on bright days and darker colors on cloudy, overcast days.

The folks pitching blade baits are having just as much fun as the trollers and the vertical jiggers. In fact, now is a great time to learn how well those funny looking blades baits that some people call sonars work casting them, then working them slowly back to the boat. Lifting the rod tip slightly and dropping the bait until the line tells the anger the bait is on the bottom. Generally they fish smackem while the bait is falling.

While many boats head up to the dam area, the wise angler will stay away from other anglers. The sauger and walleyes are moving up from the lake towards the dam. There is literally 11 miles of excellent fishing.

For the trends and scoop on what's happening on Pool4, check out the Mississippi River Forums on In-Depth Outdoors. For the upto the minute hot tackle, stop into Everts Fishing Resort.

When the manager of Everts,  Dean speaks tackle, the fish listen!

Underwater Cameras Are Not Just For Ice Fishing

Posted by: Brian Klawitter Updated: October 13, 2009 - 8:46 PM
Leave the fishing pole at home, you won't have time for it!  Grab your underwater camera and your hand held gps then head for your favorite waters! Now is the time to find that piece of structure that holds fish for your early season ice fishing and maybe for late season too.

The first time I use my camera, I was looking for structure on the Mississippi River. That's right..the Mighty Muddy! The structure I was looking for was depressions or what some folks would call "holes" and under water tree snags.  My secondary thought was to look around and see where the fish were. You've heard that saying that 90% of the fish are in 10% of the lake? Well, it's true!

If you haven't check out this YouTube video, you might want to. It's the end result of about 2 hours on the river last January. This same technique can be used right now on your favorite lakes.

The first part shows some sheephead, a crappie if you watch closely and a school of shad. Shad is bait. Almost every very fish in the river loves shad. Mark that spot on the gps and label it SHAD 1.
Next there's walleyes and sauger with one gar mixed in. Finally into a pile for wintering flathead catfish.

Ok, I saw the fish and I know where they are, what else? If you are like me when watching the video for the first time, you were watching the fish and not watching the structure around the fish or the bottom make up. Once I started taking notice, I found other areas that were made the same way. These areas held similar types of fish most of the time.

Speaking of watching the bottom, this is a very good time to keep an eye on your sonar unit. I noticed every time I motored over one area on the St Croix River, there were small black "bumps" on my fish locater. When I used the camera in that area, I found those bumps to be clam shells. Here I've been boating over a very good walleye/sauger spot all of these years!

Use the ice fishing camera to your advantage this year. Find the fish locations now to increase the chances of your winter fishing success. Who knows what else you'll find in the depths of your favorite lake or river! 

I have a couple slightly used anchors for sale! LOL!

Good Fishin'

Pool 4 Saugerama

Posted by: Brian Klawitter Updated: October 11, 2009 - 7:59 PM
By the looks of the fish coming into Everts Fishing Resort over the last couple days, this coming weekends Saugerama is looking up to have some heavy weights. Not all anglers came in with large saugers and walleyes but everyone was coming in with fish. A few lucky anglers found the crappie hot spots too.

Mark Rehberg was an avid hunter, fisher and family man who's life ended too early in a hunting accident during the 2006 gun season. The Mississippi River and more specifically Pool 4 near Red Wing was a special place for Mark. He made many many friends because of his personality and his love of the outdoors. This tournament was started so people could gather for a day fishing, laughing, meeting new people and to share fishing stories.

For more information on how to enter the Saugerama and how you can win a free St. Croix rod just by guessing the winning weight, use this link .

With the water rising and the water temps falling, the walleyes and saugers have started the fall migration towards the dam area. It seems like there's many that think spring is the only time to fish the Red Wing area. The folks that vertial jig platics or meat, pitch blade baits and even troll with rapalas in the fall will say differantly. Current bite info can be found by checking in with Dean at Everts Fishing Resort on the WI side of the river.

If you can't make it down for the Saugerama, plan a day and get in on some of the best walleye and sauger fish the upper midwest has to offer!


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