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Bob Turgeon has a passion for chasing big muskies anywhere, but he guides locally on Lake Minnetonka.

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Go shallow this weekend for Bass

Posted by: Bob Turgeon Updated: May 22, 2009 - 2:40 PM
The opener is upon us and the weather couldn't be setting up any better. Warming temps this week will pull fish into the shallows and you should be able to target both numbers and size in the skinny water areas. Look for shorelines with a defined inside weed edge and some hard bottom nearby. Largemouth will get into shallow backwater areas and will commonly set up for spawning in 6 feet of water or less......less could mean in as little as a foot of water.  Smallmouth tend to prefer a higher gravel to rock bottom content but will use sandy areas as well. In general smallies prefer to spawn in 3-7 feet of water and you should be able to find them there. Presentations should include Tube baits, Plastic worms, Sluggo style baits and lighter jig/plastic combos. This can also be a great time to target emerging Lilly Pads with topwater.... Buzz and Frog style baits excell here as well as a spinner bait worked just under the surface.

The fish will be easy pickins this weekend so if you are not getting action change locations and tactics untill you hit the mother lode.......then take a picture and put them back for next week.

Bass Season Opener !!!!!!!!

Posted by: Bob Turgeon Updated: May 19, 2009 - 12:48 AM
Well the Statewide Bass season opener is close at hand and none too soon. Saturday May 24th we can all chase our choice of Brown or Green Bass statewide. With the cold spring and a somewhat early date for opener the fish may be in various stages of the spawn and that will determine their location. Keep in mind that not all fish spawn at once so many patterns can produce fish at the same time. Buck Perry wrote that fish are either shallow, deep or somewhere in between and the first few weeks of this season will REALLY bear that out. My experience is that while some fish will move up shallow in water as cold as the upper 50's the majority will wait untill temperatures reach the mid to upper sixties and the big march to the shallows will really get going once the temps hit 70 plus. You can use those numbers as a guideline to help determine fish location. 

  Pre-spawn the majority of fish will hold on the deep weed edges on the heavily weeded lakes we have here in the metro area......use Crank baits if the fish are active. Jig-Plastic combo's or Jigworms if the fish are less active will usually produce solid results. 

   Once they fish move up shallow a variety of plastics, shallow running crankbaits and minnow style jerk baits will all get the job done. One of the techniques that flat out produces both numbers and size is to use a straight plastic worm rigged "wacky" style around docks and inside weed edges. A cigar style worm like the popular Senko or a smaller finess worm on a light wire hook and spinning tackle are all you need. To rig a worm "wacky' style simply put the hook through the center of the worm and let the ends a mustache. Simply cast...let the worm sink and give a twitch or two and repeat.....the Bass can't resist the subtle fall. This method also works well on the fish you see cruising the shallows, wear polarized  sunglasses and work slowly ahead with your electric motor looking for fish, cast 3-10 feet ahead of the fish and get ready for exciting action....many times you will actually see the fish inhale the bait.

    Finally keep in mind that this is the time of the spawn and returning your catch to the lake will pay huge dividends for years to come with each female producing thousands of little bass for the future of our sport.

Bass action waiting required !

Posted by: Bob Turgeon Updated: May 6, 2009 - 10:36 PM
Some of us just can't get excited about "The Opener"  because it really could be called the Pike Opener....Walleyes and Northerns to be exact. But as of last weekend quality Large and Smallmouth Bassin is a short trip away. Wisconsin traditionally opens the Bass season with many of the other gamefish. I fished a couple of bodies of Cheesehead water last weekend and though it did not stack up to previous openers due to colder water temps some nice fish were caught. We managed a number of fish on Rattletrap style crankbaits in shallow depths, Jig/plastic combo's produced around woody cover and  we also caught a few on finesse worms rigged "wacky" style. I suspect this weeks warming trend will pull a few  more fish up shallow where they are both easy and fun to target. So if you would rather fish for something with "Bass" in the title hop across the river and partake in some early season activity,,,,just make sure you release them as most are still getting ready to spawn and set up successfull outings for us down the road a few years.


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