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Torii Awards: Inside the super-secret world of the Twins' dance parties

During the season, we heard a lot about the Twins' postgame dance parties that took place in the Target Field clubhouse after victories. It was one of Torii Hunter's ideas, and we were told that the dancing came with a fog machine and some pretty sweet moves ... and a few sour ones.

But the media wasn't allowed inside to look, so we had to imagine what they looked at.

Upload always imagined that they were a cross between the dance scene in Jailhouse Rock.

and this mash-up of Walk the Moon's Shut Up and Dance:

We still don't know the answer, but the good news is that the Twins have put video of the Torii Awards presentation from a couple of weeks back on their Facebook page.

The awards have been listed elsewhere and we don't want to spoil the surprise for those of you haven't seen them. So if you have about seven minutes, you can click on this link and take a look.

Mike Pelfrey wins something

Southern Minnesota middle schoolers score brilliant two-point conversion

This video from MaxPreps, via YouTube, shows a pretty cool two-point conversion done by the middle school-aged football team from Plainview-Elgin-Millville in southern Minnesota.

Here it is:

Our only criticism is that the quarterback could be mistaken for Jay Cutler.

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