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Kevin McHale opens up about his firing in Houston: 'I went 'Oof.' '

Kevin McHale appeared as a guest analyst on Inside the NBA Tuesday night in his first appearance since being fired as coach of the Houston Rockets in November. 

The former Rockets coach and longtime vice president of basketball operations for the Timberwolves joked that he would have rather been on the sideline for the Rockets-Golden State game Tuesday night before opening up about his shock of being fired just 11 games into the season. 

"I was (stunned)," McHale told host Ernie Johnson and analysts Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal. "I told our guys at the end of training camp ... 'We're a month, six weeks away from our team kind of gelling and playing well.' so we got off to a tough start and I came in and I sat down and they said 'You're fired.' ... I went 'Oof.' I was like 'Wow.' It really, really surprised me. I did not think that was the case."

McHale, the former Gophers star from 1976-1980, started his career with the Wolves as a TV analyst and special assistant in 1994. He also coached the Wolves briefly in 2004-2005 and again in 2008-2009.

On Tuesday night, McHale said "I've never had a team that I've been with coaching that I have not been able to get motivated and get going and winning. ... But it was so short: 11 games."

McHale coached the Rockets to 56 wins, a Southwest Division championship and a trip to the Western Conference Finals last season.

"I thought that might have bought me a little bit more time, but I guess not," McHale said. "If you're name is not Gregg Popovich, I'll tell you what, rent, don't buy. Because [coach firings are] happening fast."

Watch the full interview:

How to get Vikings single-game tickets right now -- for a price

Dates haven't been set yet, but if you want to make sure that you can get to a Vikings game in the new US Bank Stadium (without spending for season tickets), the first wave of tickets is available on eBay. Don't look for them on StubHub or Ticket King yet because, for one thing, only the Vikings opponents -- and not the dates of the games -- are known.

But ...

If you want to sit 12 rows up in the stadium's top level for the Vikings-Green Bay next season, you can find a pair on eBay right now between the 10 and 20 yard lines for $299 each.

Here's what we know. Single-game ticket prices haven't been set yet for seats outside of the "Stadium Builder's License" sections, but the cheapest seats that required those licenses are currently set at $50 per game on top of the $500 license. Those Vikings-Packers tickets are located one section outside of the top level's licensed seats. So you can assume a bit of a mark-up.

Here's a seat map of the new stadium:

The cheapest tickets on eBay right now are for the Vikings-Houston game next season. $150 gets you a seat on the 20 yard line, with the seller promising a refund if the game is played on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's weekend and you can't attend.

Want more of a selection? Here's what is currently available on eBay.

And here's a link to ticket prices if you buy through the Vikings.

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