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Yet another way to fry walleyes — you can never have too many

Posted by: Dennis Anderson under Fishing Updated: June 10, 2010 - 8:41 AM



Here's another way to fry fish — walleyes, especially.

After taking two fillets from a fish, remove also the small bones in the middle of each fillet. These generally are in a "pie'' shape, wider toward the front of the fillet and narrower at the back.

This serves two purposes. It makes for a better, bone-free meal. And, as Chris Bell showed me on Lake of the Woods last weekend, it makes a fish meal "go farther,'' meaning feed more people than would be the case if the fillets were left whole.

Additionally, Chris often uses Panko, a Japanese coating that is readily available at most grocery stores.

"Panko is flavorful and healthy,'' Chris says.

He begins by pouring some Panko onto a pan, or into a large dish. Then he dips the walleye "fingers'' into a bowl of condensed milk, coating them, before rolling them in the Panko, ensuring coverage on all sides of the fish.

The walleye fingers are then transferred to a pan while oil (he uses Canola) is heated, and the fish are fried.

Panko also makes great onion rings, Chris said.

Give it a try.


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