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Vikings punter Kluwe stands up for same-sex marriage

Posted by: Howard Sinker under Vikings, Chris Kluwe Updated: June 27, 2012 - 1:20 PM

Vikings punter/musician/gamer Chris Kluwe told that he doesn't know if any of his friends are gay.

Kluwe told Jim Buzinski: "Honestly, I’ve never really asked anyone. I’m more interested in if you’re going to play video games with me! Honestly, I don’t care. People don’t ask me what goes on in my bedroom and I try and give them the same privilege."

But Kluwe said that one of the reasons he's gotten in the issue on the November ballot, recording three radio spots for Minnesotans for Equality, is because "one of my wife’s brothers is gay and I know him and his partner [who live in California] would love to get married but they can’t."

Here's the first of the three spots:

 But even without having a family connection, Kluwe said he would still be involved in opposing the proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot in Minnesota.

To read why, and to read the entire q-and-a with Buzinski, go here.



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