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Baltimore view: 'Sure, the Orioles beat up on a bad team...'

Posted by: Howard Sinker Updated: April 9, 2012 - 7:53 AM

Baltimore is 3-0 but the media members who follow the O's aren't getting carried away. Orioles writers have seen their team characterized as tomato cans enough over the years to know how to write about an opponent in such terms.

As Kevin Cowherd of the Baltimore Sun wrote: "They were playing a bad team that'll put so many wrinkles on manager Ron Gardenhire's face he'll look like a shar-pei before the season's over."

The Orioles went 3-0 to start last year and it didn't stop them from finishing at the bottom of the AL East, even those victories were against Tampa Bay, which went on to make the playoffs.

So a 3-0 start against the Twins? Hardly overwhelming, even for a team with 14 consecutive losing seasons.

As the Sun's veteran baseball guy (and sage), Peter Schmuck, wrote on his fabulously named The Schmuck Stops Here blog: "The Orioles have benefited from three terrific pitching performances this weekend against the Minnesota Twins, but they'll be taking a serious step up on class when the Yankees arrive at Oriole Park."

Once upon a time, sweeping the Twins would have been seen as an accomplishment.


Well, a Baltimore blog called "The Loss Column" put it this way: "O's hot start is both awesome and nothing (yet)."



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