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Continued: Have purple, will travel: Vikings fans ready for London invasion

  • Article by: COLLEEN KELLY , Star Tribune
  • Last update: September 26, 2013 - 2:57 PM

How big a hole is this going to blow in your budget?  We will feel a pretty big hit on out budget from the trip but making it into a vacation as well makes it easier to swallow. We were planning on taking a vacation soon anyway.

Are you unhappy the team had to give up a home game to play in London? Yes, I'm unhappy they gave up a home game. It seems that they could have postponed this game until next year when we will be constructing the new stadium. That seems like it would have been to opportune time to have an international game.

Karl Shepard | Minneapolis

Why are you going to the game? It seemed like a fun and unique experience to see an NFL game in a different country.  My girlfriend, Meghan Lynch, studied abroad in London and has an interest in going back.  After the game we are also headed to Berlin for a few days and then end our trip in Prague … and of course because I love the Vikes.

Who's your favorite Vikings player? That's like asking a parent to pick their favorite child.  But I might have to say Blair Walsh.

How big a hole is this going to blow in your budget? Several thousand dollars, but it depends how much we spend when where there. 

What London landmarks are you going to try to see? Not totally sure yet.  My girlfriend studied there so she’ll be the tour guide.  We do have plans to see a play in the theater district.  It's also my birthday Sept. 28, so we'll have to celebrate that.  I'm looking forward to walking along the Thames at night and seeing Big Ben and Parliament at night.

John Meyer

What size is your group? My group is four people: my father, stepmother, a family friend, and myself

How big a hole is this going to blow in your budget? This is a gift from my stepmom. I am going as "security" for them.

What London landmarks are you going to try to see? I do plan to wear purple every day I am there, not much of a change for me. We have already lined up tickets for the Imperial War Museum, a cruise on the Thames, and a roundtrip Channel ticket to Paris. I also plan to carry my Purple Pride towel everywhere for photo ops

Are you unhappy the team had to give up a home game to play in London? The hard core fan in me was, but I also know that every team is going to have to take their turn. Much happier right now knowing the Steelers’ struggles this year.

Mark Fritsche | Eagan

Why are you going to the game? My friends and I had planned a trip to Germany for Oktoberfest for the last three years, with this year the target date.  When we found out the Vikes were going to be in London playing we modified our travel plans to stay in London longer and make the game!

Who's your favorite Vikings player? Fran Tarke… er, Adrian Peterson, the bright spot on the team.
How big a hole is this going to blow in your budget? I’ve been saving for this trip for three years so an extra day or two in London and tickets to the game were not a big blow.

What London landmarks are you going to try to see? (Will you wear your Helga Horns?)  No Helga horns, but I will be sporting my big fuzzy purple hat and #10 jersey!  We are planning a fluid trip, no set plans, but will do what sounds like fun, spontaneity is the rule on road trips!  Maybe a soccer match for the non-American football experience.  We do plan on going to the “tailgate experience” on Saturday to see how they portray it.

Are you unhappy the team had to give up a home game to play in London?  Not unhappy at all since I get to make all the “home” games this way!

Fan responses have been edited for space and clarity.

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  • Holly Wruck, right, wore pink for breast cancer awareness at a Vikings game along with friends, from left, Darcy Schopf, Christie Carrera, Steph Lauseng.

  • Iselin, left, and Karisa Lundberg have followed the Vikings from Oslo, Norway, and London, where they currently live.

  • Tom Carothers has packed his purple kilt – purchased in Scotland three years ago – for the trip to cheer on the Vikings in London.

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