The Vikings have no interest in free-agent wide receiver Terrell Owens (no surprise) and won't be involved in the bidding for veteran offensive lineman Chester Pitts (mild surprise).

KSTP-TV sports director Joe Schmit tweeted this information on Monday after playing golf with Vikings vice president of player personnel Rick Spielman at a charity event.

Pitts, who is recovering from microfracture surgery on his right knee, had said earlier this offseason that the Vikings were one of five teams interested in his services. However, Spielman said the team will not make a run at the free agent, who is working out for team's today in Arizona.

The fact the Vikings won't pursue Owens comes as no surprise. Even though some media outlets have said he might be a good fit in Minnesota, Owens and Vikings coach Brad Childress did not have a very warm relationship when the receiver played for the Eagles and Childress was that team's coordinator.

Update: I talked to Spielman today at Winter Park after an event for the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce. Here's what he had to say about Pitts and Owens.

Asked about the fact Pitts had said at one point this spring that the Vikings are interested in his services, Spielman said: “We have always called on a lot of players and are always monitoring who is out there and what’s going on. Right now, we are going to go into training camp more than likely with what we have. That can change tomorrow. Not just Chester Pitts but everybody that gets waived we have a discussion about. We brought in [running back] Ryan Moats when he was waived [by Houston] so it’s not just Chester Pitts. It’s something that’s done on a daily basis.”

At the mention of Owens' name, Spielman said: “We’re very excited about the receivers we have. With Bernard Berrian and Percy and Sidney we feel we are very talented with those three and had a lot of success last year with those three.”

So does that mean there is no interest in Owens? “I’m just saying, we’re very excited about the three guys we have on top of our depth chart right now," Spielman said.

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