I would like to thank all of the Thunder fans who have written to me in the last couple of days. I do regret to tell you that the email address you have been using has been diverted to another person, so I haven’t actually been able to read your emails, but I thank you for your efforts.
If you would like to send me emails that will actually make it before my eyes, please address them to Shartman@startribune.com. Thank you.
I must say, those who have read your emails were very impressed. I have been telling them for years that Oklahomans can read, and I am thrilled to be proven right. It was a little strange to have emails delivered by Pony Express, but to each his own.
I knew if I kept the words short, you would be able to enjoy my column, and, again, you have proved me correct.
From what I’m told, many of you responded to my accusations of being simple-minded by sending me emails filled with curses and misspellings. Congratulations on making your point so convincingly. Touche.
For the record, I am a big fan of the Thunder. I think Kevin Durant is the most likeable player in the NBA. I would trade everyone in the Timberwolves’ organization for everyone in the Thunder organization today, with the possible exception of the head coach. Scott Brooks is a fine young coach, but Rick Adelman is one of the best of his generation.
Otherwise, you have much to enjoy at Thunder games, and I suggest you enjoy them as much as you can in the coming weeks, because you have only a few more days to allow a marketing hack to tell you what to wear before the San Antonio Spurs leave you with nothing but regrets and rodeo.

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