This explains a lot. NASA’s Google + page had a video about the changing sun, and every keen to see astonishing sights human ingenuity has revealed, I clicked.




There’s your problem. Explains 2014 better than anything else. Elsewhere in space:

So long moon bunny, we hardly knew you. China's lunar rover, Yutu – or Jade Rabbit – was officially declared dead in a terse statement posted on a Chinese state news agency website.

The culprit? Dust. Specifically, abrasive dust that ruined the craft’s ability to protect itself at night. Space is tough.

MPLS For no good reason I give you a matchbook I bought on eBay the other day: a bygone cafe in the old Radisson.


And what were you supposed to do there?

GAMES Here: "Nested." Online and free. You’re tempted to go right into the black hole, but you might want to explore some habitable planets, if only to find yourself inside the thoughts of Albert Brooks at a Copper Radio Tower.

Note: there is no actual game play. It’s just high-concept gaming, which means it’s a commentary on games. It still tells a story, though - the biggest text-adventure ever, if you consider its galactic dimensions. It’s from the fellow who may have you clicking on cookies for no good reason. Daily Dot:

the premise behind Cookie Clicker is far more straightforward: See that picture of a cookie? Click on it. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

There are other elements to the game too, namely an ability to use the cookies you’re created to purchase items like cookie-baking grandmas and cookie dough mines that automatically produce more cookies for you. But the core of the gameplay is the simple, mind-numbing act of clicking a single button ad nauseam.

Apparently YouTube abounds with speed-run videos where people show how they clicked on a billion cookies. If there’s anything less meaningful than clicking a button repeatedly to crumble pictures of cookies, it might be watching a video of someone else doing it. 

Prediction: the next craze will be a game where you hold down a button to achieve something. People will wait with giddy anticipation for the weekend to come so they can spend the entire day holding down the button. High score!

VotD Wonderful little film of a day at Versailles, with chickens. Don’t watch this here; hit the little Vimeo button for the glorious large experience. 

A la Française from à la Française on Vimeo.

Via Cartoon Brew.