December 2007: The first of about 20 young men leave Minneapolis and travel to Somalia to train and fight with Al-Shabab, a terrorist organization with ties to Al-Qaida.

October 2008: Shirwa Ahmed, 26, of Minneapolis, dies in a car bombing in Somalia. He is believed to be the first U.S. suicide bomber. 2009

June-July: Three Minneapolis men are killed in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital.

July: Two Somali men with local ties are the first to be indicted for aiding terrorism.

September: A fifth Somali man from Minneapolis and a Muslim convert from Minneapolis are killed in Mogadishu.

Nov. 8: A former Minneapolis man is arrested in the Netherlands for helping fighters travel to Somalia and supplying equipment.

Nov. 19: A former volunteer at a local mosque is indicted.

Nov. 23: Eight more indictments bring the total to 14.


July 16: Abdow Abdow, 26, becomes the first man sentenced for his role, which involved renting a car to carry others to the Mexican border, then lying to authorities.

Thursday: Two Rochester women are arrested for raising money to support Al-Shabab. They are among 12 indicted Somali-Americans with ties to Minnesota.