The going-out-of-business sale has begun for Snder's Drug. Everything is currently discounted 30 percent. In the past I didn't consider that Snyder's everyday prices were as competitive as, say, Target or Wal-Mart but Snyder's sale prices were generally pretty good.

Now that everything is discounted 30 percent except cigarettes I suggest looking for items that aren't typically on sale at other discounters. I wouldn't buy Pantene shampoo at Snyder's, for example, because it's such a highly advertised sale item at the discounters, but I would buy specialty items such as the extensive line of Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products, which I saw yesterday at the Snyder's in Highland Park.

All sales are final at Snyders. Locavores can take comfort in the fact that Snyder's is a locally-based company.