The snowless, brown State Fairgrounds have put a halt to the St. Paul Winter Carnival's annual snow sculpture contest. On Saturday, organizers announced that this year's contest, which was slated for Jan. 29 through Feb. 6, is a no-go thanks to no snow.

"It's unfortunate we're not able to do it this year, but we needed a lot of snow," said Steve Gurney, an organizer with the Imperial Order of Fire and Brimstone, a group of past Winter Carnival Vulcans who put on the contest.

In past snow-lacking years, organizers have hauled in snow to keep the event going. Gurney said that they spoke with area recreational businesses to haul in snow again this year, but the snowless fairgrounds would have needed four dump trucks hauling snow for three days to make up for this year's unseasonable weather.

"This year is very unique in that there is no snow out there," he said.

A children's snow maze and fire truck rides that also take place at the fairgrounds have been canceled, Gurney said. However, organizers are trying to partially salvage the events by instead having a couple snow sculptures and fire truck rides in Rice Park at the end of the month.