By Todd Nelson, filling in for Douglas:

Yes, you saw that headline right. The mercury may soar into the 60s across parts of southern Minnesota by the end of the week. Just to show you how rare it is to hit 60 degrees in the Twin Cities in February, we've done it only four times. The most recent was on Feb. 29, 2000, when we topped out at 61. The all-time warmest February reading was 64 on Feb. 26, 1896.

A lack of snow cover is a huge part of why temperatures will soar to near 30 degrees above average. Instead of melting snow, solar radiation is warming the atmosphere.

Looking at weather maps for the next several days, it's hard to believe that it is still February. Hints of April may have folks testing their spring legs on a jog outside or even taking to the garage to clean out the winter crud. Oh, that reminds me, I still have my holiday lights on the house. It would be a good weekend to pull those down, too.

Long-range weather models keep us dry until Monday, when rain and February rumbles are possible.