twinsrainThe forecast for Tuesday looks dreary, though probably playable for baseball in the Twin Cities: overcast, with a rapidly decreasing chance of rain, and highs hovering in the mid-50s all day leading up to a 7:10 first pitch at Target Field for the Twins-Orioles game.

Combine that with the facts that 1) school is not yet out, meaning baseball attendance (particularly for mid-week games) suffers and 2) the Twins are a dismal 8-23, having wiped out a year’s worth of optimism with a month’s worth of dysfunction … and you get a recipe for a pretty sparse crowd tonight.

But one person’s pessimism is another person’s opportunity. When there are a lot of people who don’t want to go to the game, it naturally creates a buyer’s market. Even just a casual look at StubHub for Tuesday night’s Twins/Orioles game reveals some ridiculous prices for those willing to go under less-than-ideal conditions. Bear in mind that all of these prices don’t include fees, but even with those additions you’re often paying far less than face value. For example, as of 10 a.m. Tuesday:

*More than 100 tickets are priced at $6, the minimum price allowed by StubHub. Most of them are in the Skyline View or Field View sections (323-327 or 301-307), which truthfully aren’t bad seats at all. Those are only $8 if you buy through the Twins for this particular game, so it’s not a great deal. But there’s also a pair of tickets in section 204 (Field Terrace, normally $11) in that range.

*There are many tickets in Field Box (normally $24) on StubHub for $10.

*There are a bunch of seats in Diamond Box (normally $30) for $15 on StubHub.

*Home Plate Box tickets (normally $39) are as low as $21.

*Dugout Box (normally $52) are as low as $25.

*And maybe the best of all: Want to sit in the Legends Club, that fancy spot where you can stay inside and warm? Full season packages are at least $5,000 (more than $60 per game), but you can get in tonight starting at $23.

I’m not advocating that you go to this game (though it might be the only one of the three that gets played). All I’m saying is that if you’re a bargain hunter and you don’t care about 1) potentially bad baseball, 2) sub-optimal weather and 3) being out late on a week night, then values can be had right now.

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