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Teaching babies and toddlers sign language to help them communicate has become the new "in" thing - for good reason, it helps them communicate their needs before they can talk. On Friday, April 30, in Maple Grove there will be a concert featuring Rachel Coleman of Signing Time. Chances are you've come across Signing Time on PBS, Nick Jr or even at the library. It's an amazing educational show that teaches sign language through singing fun songs.
Signing Time is not designed to only serve those with hearing difficulties, it is also excellent for teaching babies and toddlers how to communicate (which is what we did in our family), and many individuals with disabilities find signing helps them immensely.
The concert is going to be a benefit to raise money for the Signing Time Foundation, which means the tickets are very reasonable at $5 for children under 18 and $10 for adults. The show will be lots of fun for Signing Time fans and families that are new to signing.
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