Proud youth with a good speck - Photo by the late Thomas Kolakowski

Proud youth with a good speck - Photo by the late Thomas Kolakowski


Thanks to all involved, Club Outdoors has been running successfully for over a year now. Writing and blogging has been a whole new experience for me. Most of it good. I understand now what writers have to go through to come up with material every week to fulfill a contract.

In my writings I have made it a point not to bore everyone with my day to day life. Hopefully I have achieved that goal by writing about things that benefit everyone. I enjoy reading the poetic literature and story telling of our sport, but have not had the nerve to take on that sort of writing. Teaching literature was something I could easily do and folks could find the writing useful.

Writing the blog has been fun, but unfortunately this will be my last post. I need to reduce my workload. I have a fly fishing business along with a flexible fulltime job. I also belong to several clubs and organizations. With the break neck pace I have been going at for the last several years I have found increasingly less time for family, friends and myself. It turns out I can’t do everything and I’m not invincible.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog. Hopefully you've learned a few things from my writing. Thanks to Dennis Anderson and the Star Tribune for giving me the opportunity. Thanks to Bob Nasby for talking me into doing the blog. Lastly, thanks to my friends and people I’ve met along the way for unknowingly helping me with ideas.

There’s a chance I’ll blog again in the future, but for now I’ll be seeing you around. Hopefully on the water.  Take care.

Rob Kolakowski

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