Everyone, everywhere likes to brag about their local weather. I tend to hear from a handful of Florida friends in January. They send me helpful weather reports — and photos of lukewarm sunsets on the beach. Very nice. It gets quiet this time of year, at the onset of hurricane season, when storms (with names) menace.

"Franklin" was the sixth named storm of 2017; that's twice as many storms as normal as of early August. And the latest outlook from NOAA? "The season has the potential to be extremely active, and could be the most active since 2010." Call me crazy, but Texas-size storms packing 20-foot waves put our scrawny thunderstorms into stark perspective.

Showers linger today, but the sun becomes visible Friday — and much of the upcoming weekend with comfortable 70s and low humidity. A few weekend showers may brush southwest Minnesota and the Arrowhead, but most of us will salvage a nice weekend.

A rerun of 80s and a few 90s is likely by late August for the fair. I'll be hanging out at the deodorant-on-a-stick booth.