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Some kids probably learned more about history, grammar and math through the classic "School House Rock" animated shorts than at school. That's why the new DVD "School House Rock: Election Collection" (Disney, $20) is such an easy sell in this election season. Besides vintage civic-minded ditties such as "I'm Just a Bill" and "I'm Going to Take Your Vote to College," the 15-song collection includes a timely new tune called "Presidential Minute." There's even a kit to help youngsters track the upcoming presidential election.

Out today on DVD: "Adam-12" (Season 2), "An Autumn Afternoon," "Bigger, Stronger, Faster," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Iron Man," "My Name Is Earl" (Season 3), "My Three Sons" (Season 1, Vol. 1), "NUMB3RS" (Season 4), "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions."


As if Katy Perry's recent hit "I Kissed a Girl" weren't practically a novelty song itself, one of the most viewed new videos on YouTube is a parody of it called "I Kissed a Dog" (www.startribune.com/a/?4591). Put together by oMovies and featuring YouTube starlet Michelle Glavan, the clip is a mash-up that intersperses previously posted clips of YouTubers kissing their dogs -- some in almost hilariously obscene fashion -- along with cheesecake shots of Glavan singing the song with altered words: "I kissed a dog and I liked it -- the taste of his liver biscuit." Yummy. As the clip warns, it's "not for those with hygiene issues" and probably not younger than 13. That's surely why it was watched almost 250,000 times in just its first three days.