A thinking person's zombie movie

Surprisingly entertaining, even fitfully exciting, "World War Z" is primarily an exercise in expectation ­management.

Forget those trailers suggesting a rock-'em, sock-'em, blow-it-all-up extravaganza or a Grand Guignol of cannibalistic, face-eating zombies. Instead, be prepared for a relatively grown-up, modestly intelligent and refreshingly un-bombastic thriller that owes as much to medical tick-tocks such as "Outbreak" and "Contagion" as it does to "28 Days Later" and the seminal works of George Romero.

Anchored by a solid lead performance from Brad Pitt, who plays a happy Philadelphia househusband pulled back into his old profession of U.N. investigator when a zombie apocalypse threatens to destroy the world, "World War Z" might not break ground in either of the genres it straddles. But it deserves a certain amount of credit for refusing to buy into the current cinematic arms race in Biggest, Loudest and Dumbest.

The DVD and Blu-ray (Paramount, $30-$55) include an unrated cut and featurettes.

Washington Post

Colin Covert says: With its megastar leading man, globe-spanning locations, state-of-the-art special effects and stratospheric budget, "World War Z" is the most ambitious, extravagant portrayal of holocaust horror to date.

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