This one’s not too smart

The dystopian future envisioned by last year’s critical darling “Her” reappears in “Transcendence,” albeit with a lot more testosterone. You could even call this new thriller — in which a godlike artificial intelligence, played by Johnny Depp, starts building an army of cyborg zombies — “Him.”

Unlike that earlier film about a man who falls in love with a computer operating system, which was a poetic, melancholic meditation on the failure to connect, “Transcendence” is a kind of high-tech horror story.

The DVD includes the featurettes “What Is Transcendence?” and “A Singular Vision” (on director Wally Pfister). The Blu-ray adds “Guarding the Threat,” “The Promise of A.I.,” “It’s Me,” “Singularity” and “R.I.F.T.” featurettes.

Washington Post

Colin Covert says: In his first, and likely last, outing as a director, cinematographer Pfister delivers a garbled, dispiriting, pseudo-cerebral non-thriller.


Also out Tuesday: “An American Girl: Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight,” “Blue Ruin,” “Dom Hemingway,” “Heaven Is for Real,” “Make Your Move,” “Sabotage.”


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