Media members who cover the Vikings pick a player each season for the Korey Stringer Good Guy Award and tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was honored Thursday before practice.

The award is presented to the Vikings player who is the most cooperative and has the best attitude with the media each season. Shiancoe was an easy choice.

Shiancoe's interviews are always insightful, engaging, funny and bizarre at times. And he's always available, which we greatly appreciate on victory Mondays when the locker room is empty.

To give you some idea of a typical Shiancoe interview, here is an exchange he had a with a few reporters on a slow Monday late in the season.

“I’ll say some outlandish [things] so you can put in the paper," he said. "For real.
“What’s the Quadratic Formula, any of you all know that?”
“The exact Quadratic Formula. Negative B, plus or minus the square root of B2 minus 4ac over 2a. I remember I got out of detention one time with that. For real. They were like, ‘Can anybody in here say the Quadratic Formula?’ I said it and everybody started laughing at me and they were like, ‘You may go, Mr. Shiancoe.’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ And then they were like, ‘Sit back down, Shiancoe.’ ”
Classic Shiancoe. For that and more, we send our thanks to Shiancoe. 


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