Tax increases as job destroyers has become an oft-repeated mantra of Republicans and Democrats alike. But a number of studies, which I write about in a column for Saturday's paper, say this does not appear to be true.

Still, I was struck by the report in today's St. Paul Pioneer Press that Republican lawmakers told Dayton

"touching" stories about familes that lost jobs or income and warned that a tax increase would discourage employers from creating more and better paying jobs in the state ...

There haven't been any tax increases yet. Indeed, as I note in tomorrow's column, job growth in Minnesota trailed the national average after personal income tax rates were cut dramatically about a decade ago.

But I'd really like to hear from small business owners about how an increase in their personal tax rate could affect any hiring or expansion plans they may have. Ideally, this would lead to a column, so please email me if you'd be willing to share your story.