This is Shanan Custer's big moment. A charming and talented comic actor, Custer is host of the eighth annual Ivey Awards on Monday night at the State Theatre. Custer built her reputation at the Brave New Workshop for many years and then branched out into writing and acting in other people's plays.

Custer, who lives in St. Paul, answered a few questions by phone last week:

Q How were you selected?

A I have absolutely no idea. My name might have been thrown around after I presented the sponsors last year. When Scott [Mayer] met with me, he mentioned that.

Q Which previous host most intimidates you?

A There's been such an array. They've had these stars before, with all the buildup, so now I feel like, "Here's Shanan. Oh, so they couldn't bring someone in?"

Q Are you wearing a tiara so people will know that you're important?

A This is killing me because it is a not an exaggeration: I have no idea what I'm going to wear. I know I'm supposed to wear something nice.

Q Are you going to stick to the script, or improvise?

A I'm going to be very respectful of the time, but sometimes I don't know what comes out of my mouth -- don't print that. But really, when am I going to get this chance again? In complete honesty, I want to have fun and soak it all up and see what happens.